SEC Sues Binance: XYO Network (XYO) and Naga (NGC) Plummet While Investors Rush To Uwerx (WERX)

The largest crypto exchange, Binance, has been sued by the SEC. This has resulted in a halt of over sixty-one tokens, with most of them quickly declining. Cryptos like XYO Network (XYO) and Naga (NGC) have plummeted since the lawsuit began.

With this, users and investors rush to a new, profit-generating crypto, Uwerx, to benefit from its revolutionary features. Uwerx is one of the few tokens performing well in the market and has been successful since its inception. Read on to discover its profitability and why you should join the presale now.

Uwerx (WERX) Remains Bullish

Uwerx is a blockchain-powered freelancing platform with many features like decentralization and a 1% service fee. There is also the Uwerx Vault, an innovative feature enabling users to earn passively from their stashed WERX tokens.

Uwerx’s presale has skyrocketed, surpassing initial forecasts. It is now in stage 5, and due to the rush for the WERX tokens, the presale allocation was increased to accommodate more users. The quantity of WERX for the presale was increased to 427,500,000 (57%), with 72,500,000 available in stage 5. The total WERX supply is 750,000,000.

With the increasing demand for WERX comes the continuous price pump. WERX is trading at $0.041, a quick pump from its starting price of $0.005. This translates to huge profits for early users and investors. However, a 15% purchase bonus is going on to help new members make gains. Due to WERX’s increasing value, its launch price was raised to $0.095 – $0.115, and the presale ends on July 31, 2023.

Uwerx recently launched its Alpha version and has released ten features. They include the Signing Up and Logging Pages, Forgot Password, Freelancer or Client Initiation, Initial Step of Job Creation and Finding Talent, My Activity Page, Hiring Dashboard Page, and Job Creation Process Page. More features will be introduced subsequently.

This success also comes from the agile methodology the developers use to launch the project in bits. This enables them to continually develop Uwerx to its highest standards, utilizing users’ feedback as a guide. They are still open to feedback which can be sent to their email,

For transparency and sustainability, the team reduced their token allocation to 7% and started 9-month liquidity locking on the developers’ tokens on June 7, following an 82.8% vote. They will renounce ownership of the smart contract when Uwerx lists on centralized exchanges. InterFi Network and SolidProof have audited Uwerx.

With a 98.2% vote, a Test Airdrop will be conducted before the presale ends to ensure users’ receiving wallet addresses are correctly entered.

XYO Network (XYO) Moves To Launch Version 2.1

XYO Network (XYO) is a decentralized blockchain and cryptography protocol enhancing data validity, accuracy, and certainty. The protocol explores the field of geospatial data, which positions XYO Network (XYO) for massive growth and adoption.

XYO Network (XYO) made moves to enter the Asian crypto market. Last year, XYO Network (XYO) got listed on Huobi and signed a $20 million deal with Outliers Fund. This partnership will help develop XYO Network’s (XYO) technology and integration into the metaverse.

Also, XYO Network (XYO) launched XYO 2.0 to merge Web2 and decentralized cryptography to take things a step further. XYO 2.0 helps developers seamlessly integrate XYO crypto into their projects or apps.

It is now in the works to launch version 2.1, where cryptographic addresses and signatures will be used to ensure the platform’s security. This version has features like the XYO Module Protocol and decentralized data bucketing.

While this future looks good for XYO Network (XYO), the project might have to pause to ascertain its stand following SEC’s crackdown on Binance.

Naga (NGC) Tries To Raise $8.2 Million In Convertible Bond

Naga (NGC) is a trading platform offering over a thousand assets. The protocol has been in the dip since last year, witnessing a significant loss, with its revenue dropping by 36% in Q1 of 2023.

To raise the company shares, Naga (NGC) is seeking an $8.2 million convertible bond which it believes will raise the shares by over 7.7%. Naga (NGC) stated the offering does not include statutory subscription rights of its shareholders.

Naga (NGC) is still seeking ways to strengthen and increase its capital. Earlier this year, Naga (NGC) announced a possible merge with an unnamed global broker before the year ends.

While XYO Network (XYO) and Naga (NGC) struggle, Uwerx is surging and making tons of profits daily. This is why investors and users are rushing to become WERX holders, and you should become one too. Join the presale now for a 15% purchase bonus by tapping the links:






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