Sensitrust: The Next-Generation Decentralized Job Marketplace Supported by AI and Blockchain Technologies


Sensitrust aims to integrate Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies to create a platform where customers and professionals can safely interact and make deals. The activities of all the stakeholders of an activity are supported by Blockchain technologies, that guarantee the transparency and the safety of the processes, while the adoption of sophisticated methods of Artificial Intelligence helps the stakeholders to make business-critical decisions.

In the current pandemic era, Sensitrust is going to provide strong support for Smart Working. A new decentralized job-marketplace is the solution for professionals who aim at keeping and expand their activities.

Sensitrust will present this exciting project at the BlockConf Digital event! Participate and don’t miss the chance to directly talk with the co-founders!


The Sensitrust platform will facilitate and promote smart working, allowing the development of products and services through the definition of a decentralized team. The platform will provide innovative safety measures and regulations to create a reliable environment for the development of complex projects.

Hiring a Professional. For a given product or service of interest, Sensitrust will show a catalogue of professionals who appear to have the necessary skills to design it. The customer also provides a configuration, in which he/she defines the offered price, the time constraints and other requirements. This configuration can be guided by a Platform Consultant, that exploits both Artificial Intelligence and human experts to maximize the expected effectiveness of the service.

Seeking for job opportunities. Professionals will get access to a plethora of job opportunities. The AI engine will suggest them the available activities, according to their verified skills. This “guided” approach aims at improving the success rate, since it provides professionals with activities that better match with their true expertise.

Call to Action. The platform will offer to its customers the opportunity to create customized campaigns for complex projects, that stimulate the active participation of in-platform professionals interested in the design and development of a product or service. This model will create a plethora of new opportunities for professionals. On the other hand, it will allow entrepreneurs to focus on their ideas and to easily find a decentralized development team.

In all the scenarios, professionals will receive feedback on the quality of the work performed, by the customer, by a set of external reviewers and by an AI engine. Once the work is approved, the professional will receive the agreed compensation. If the professional was helped by some early professionals, he will provide feedback on the quality of the work that will correspond to reputation points. All the activities performed in the platform will be regulated by Smart Contracts: agreements, quality and temporal constraints, checkpoints and multiple revisions will be governed, in a decentralized, immutable and certified manner.


Although the abstractions offered by the project can be applied in any domain, Sensitrust will develop three sub-platforms, specifically for the IT industry, for hiring quality professionals, for the Banking and Trading industry, to support the evolution towards Blockchain-based solutions, and in the Academy, for the identification of expert reviewers as well as of an international team for the implementation of research projects.

Token and services

SETS is the Sensitrust token that will be seamlessly integrated in the platform, allowing users to buy featured services at a discounted price. The token can be currently bought through the official platform at a discounted price of 0.05€ /SETS.

Among the services accessible through SETS tokens at a discounted rate, Sensitrust will offer:

  1. Access to more qualified professionals (as a customer)
  2. Access to more job opportunities (as professional)
  3. Advanced platform consultant, based on both AI and human experts
  4. Stronger guarantees on products and services
  5. Access to in-platform training material
  6. Membership Subscriptions (all-inclusive packages)

The token is currently available for sale at 0.05€/SETS (presale) and will be sold at 0.08€/SETS during the public sale. When spent to buy services on the Sensitrust platform, in the long term we will put in place a burning plan, in order to sustain the appreciation of the token value in the market.

Buy SETS now at the special price of 0.05€ / SETS.

Token Sale for Sensitrust is Live at

Sensitrust will be at the BlockConf Digital event! Participate and don’t miss the chance to directly talk with the co-founders!

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