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Shar Pei Set To Huge Milestones Despite the Bearish Market

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatile cycles fluctuating between bullish and bearish periods. However, since the start of the new year, the market has been largely bearish, with several assets losing value during this period.

However, a fair few are thriving, and one of the tokens that have experienced steady growth is meme coin Shar Pei. Shar Pei is a meme coin that was developed in 20221 based on the popular Chinese breed of dogs with wrinkly skin.

Shar Pei up 32% in the past month

Shar Pei has experienced price growth of 32% in the past month since its all-time low on December 4, 2021, according to data from CoinMarketCap. More adopters have joined the Shar Pei ecosystem during this period, and its community has increased exponentially.

This remarkable growth in price and community is due to the concepts behind the development of the blockchain project. The Shar Pei team ensured a fair and transparent launch without any pre-sale or token allocation common within the meme coin sector.

In addition, the lack of token allocation to specific personnel has ensured that the meme coin is less volatile than is the norm. This is because no one can dump the tokens, affecting the price value.

Furthermore, the Shar Pei team has locked half of the total token supply (50,000,000,000) tokens for five years using one of the most reputable custodial services. This is remarkable given the norm from crypto communities to allocate excess tokens among themselves.

This ideal has drawn many crypto enthusiasts and meme coin lovers to Shar Pei, making it one of the fastest meme coins in the market. Since its launch, the total marketcap of Shar Pei has continued to rise to $2.8 million, and there are more than 5,000 holders within the space of fewer than two months.

Shar Pei drawing comparisons with successful meme coins

What makes Shar Pei unique is that it is still in its early days and has attracted the attention of crypto lovers globally. It has already been compared with several top meme coins in the blockchain industry like Shiba, Safe Moon and Dogecoin.

The comparisons are merited as Shar Pei has shown a clear roadmap towards developing sustainable products within its ecosystem. It plans to roll out an exclusive charity NFT collection and release its Play-to-Earn metaverse in the coming months.

This development will only continue to foster the adoption of the token and make it one of the major coins in the crypto market. You can find more information about Shar Pei on the following links.








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