Shark DeFi’s SRX Token Gains Traction as Platform Development Catches On


In September the SharkTRON DeFi platform based on the principles of decentralization and self-government was launched. Due to the absence of a pre-mining stage, zero reward for developers team and an open smart contract its principles of work quickly gained the trust and support of users. The cost of the SRX token has grown to 6 TRX ($ 0.15) and the token liquidity has exceeded $ 1,340,000. According to analysts forecasts at the final level of mining the cost of a token may rise to $ 1.

The platform is actively developing. A number of services have already been implemented since the start. SharkDice realize the most promising interaction models in the field of gambling and allows you to earn TTH tokens. These tokens are issued for participation in the development of the service and are credited for each bet depending on its amount and the selected token.

Shark DeFi has become a kind of sandbox for the development of decentralized platforms. Thanks to it the development team is able to simulate the work of decentralized platforms and conduct research based on the results of the work. The incentive for users to participate in the development of the platform is the ability to mine the SWD token and exchange it for other tokens on SharkExchange or JustSwap.

Preparations for the launch of the Sharkexchange service which will allow users to buy, sell and exchange SRX, TTH and SWD tokens with a minimum commission are underway. As expected the launch of the service will have a positive impact on the liquidity and the token rate by reducing volatility and decreasing of speculation on the rise and fall of the tokens price.

The platform is developing and attracting more and more users. The developers note that users themselves will take an active part in the development of the platform realizing their own ideas. They will use their SRX tokens for this. Each vote will have impact based on the amount of SRX available.

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