Shiba Inu and Cardano Outperformed by Avorak AI ICO

The long run of digital asset competition promoting their initial coin offering (ICO) continues. An ICO is considered a critical stage for developing a cryptocurrency project. This stage enhances early holders to maximize their profits in return for backing a project in its earliest stage. However, the Avorak AI ICO outperforms most assets with its tiered presale model and bears greater potential than Shiba Inu and Cardano.

Will Shiba Inu reach 1 cent?

Shiba Inu is the second-largest meme coin that sparked the hordes of investors to believe in financial freedom through social media. Even though SHIB is considered a meme coin, it provided vast profits for its investors in 2021. When the bear market hit, the coin fumbled 90% below its all-time high.

Many crypto enthusiasts believe that Shiba Inu is destined to reach the 1-cent mark. Nonetheless, experts believe that for the SHIB to reach this challenging price target, it needs to have a $5.89 trillion market capitalization. This large cap is even more than that of Bitcoin, the leading global cryptocurrency.

Is Cardano a Good Investment?

Cardano is a decentralized layer-1 blockchain that aims to act as an alternative to the Ethereum network. The virtual asset uses a consensus mechanism called Proof-of-stake (POS). Its native token, ADA, fuels the ecosystem.

Like other digital currencies, Cardano can thus be valuable in the long-term process. The platform’s strategic partnership, global business protocols, and roadmap signal that it is an investment for the long term.

Avorak ICO Records Massive Performance

Avorak, in its initial stages, has yet another signal of reaching higher limits. It is an artificial intelligence-based blockchain platform aiming to reduce human workload regarding text generation, creative jobs, and trading. It was founded by three spectacular tech experts who believe in developing a sophisticated AI platform (Ree Baek-Hyeon, Amanda Giesbrecht, and Anthony Elsher).

The native token for the ecosystem is AVRK, which governs transactions and generates rewards for participants. The total existing amount of AVRK circulation will be pegged at 40 million. These tokens will also have a deflationary system that will burn 2% of AVRK.

The successful and comprehensive audit processes from CyberScope and SolidProof have reinforced Avorak’s credibility. Moreover, the roadmap is super comprehensive, indicating a straightforward project.

An interesting feature of the project is the Avorak AI trading. This algorithm will create a massive set of indicators for traders with both notification and overlay systems that alert participants in case of a pattern or trend diverting. Moreover, the automated API will automate trades on behalf of the user.

Avorak AI will blend an internet scraper with a prewritten language bank, integrate plagiarism-detecting APIs, and merge all these techniques. This will guarantee that using Avorak Chat is clean and plagiarism-free.

Bottom Line

When it comes to ICO, the topic gets hotter each time. Most venture capitalists and retail investors are always looking for a new ICO they can dive in. Their main aim is to acquire pure profits after a massive skyrocket with the fear of missing in action. Avorak’s ICO project is a determination of a futuristic approach that will enhance pure growth in the crypto and artificial intelligence industry.

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