Shiba Inu and Dogecoin lose strength against the AI crypto trend

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere in the latest tech news and developments, as the capacity and capabilities of new technology expand the potential for its use. Most notably for traders, AI is being utilised in finance and banking. AI crypto is the next biggest trend, with projects like Avorak gaining great traction in the run-up to release.

Is Dogecoin dead?

How does AI crypto stack up against more established coins in the marketplace? Let’s talk doggy meme-coins, the greatest heavyweight of which is beloved Dogecoin. Founded in 2013 as a joke product, this cryptocurrency has since brought users substantial returns and a fierce online following. One of Dogecoin’s most influential supporters is Elon Musk, who has praised and pushed up DOGE over the past decade, particularly on his newly-acquired social media platform, Twitter. Is Dogecoin dead? Perhaps – It is unlikely that Musk would willingly stop advocating for the coin, but the courts might force him. This week Musk faces a $258 billion lawsuit by crypto investors claiming that Musk used his standing to artificially inflate the price of DOGE, amounting to racketeering. Serious claims indeed, considering Musk states he only holds DOGE, BTC, and ETH in his sizable portfolio. Without Musk’s advertisement, Dogecoin will likely struggle to remain relevant as AI crypto developments provide buyers with more benefits and wider scope of utility.

Will Shiba Inu reach 1 cent?

Second in command in the canine-coin pantheon, Shiba Inu. Similarly to DOGE, SHIB has a loyal fanbase that has seen the project through rough market conditions. However, it heavily relies on the sustained interest of this crowd. Based on this attention, will Shiba Inu reach 1 cent? Unlikely, in the face of the most-recent cutting-edge AI crypto competition. Should buyers turn their attention to AI crypto instead, Shiba Inu would face devastating losses. As SHIB struggles to remain relevant and draw new users, Shiba Inu is flagging in a competitive trading environment.

Finally, let’s talk about an upcoming project with real prospects.

Avorak AI

Blockchain-based AI platform Avorak AI provides a variety of AI solutions for investors and blockchains. The platform’s analysis of massive amounts of data and precise price forecasting are intended to assist traders and investors in making wise investment decisions. The Avorak trading bots stand out since they are made to continuously monitor the market, provide signals based on their analysis, and even start trades automatically. For traders who seek to maximize their earnings and reduce risks, this level of automation and accuracy might be useful.

Undoubtedly an exciting prospect is the potential for cryptocurrencies with AI-powered technology, such as Avorak AI, to change the financial and investment industries. Large volumes of data may be analyzed and processed by AI technology, and predictions and judgments based on that data may result in more effective and successful investments. Elon Musk has frequently stated that AI is the technology of the future, and given that Dogecoin investors have now filed a lawsuit, it won’t be long before he completely switches to AI cryptocurrency.

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