Simpleminers model innovation: use “one-click investment” to take you into a new era of making money

With the approval of ETF in the United States and the strong purchases by investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and Rockefeller, Bitcoin has not only soared in price, but has also successfully transformed into a currency recognized and supported by the U.S. government. This gives Bitcoin investors complete confidence.

Anyone with investment experience knows that although you can make money quickly through financial means, this requires extremely rich knowledge reserves and market experience, and not everyone can get started.Bitcoin, in particular, has such a high volatility. And it is an investment target that all major capitals are competing to pursue.As the world’s largest Bitcoin miner, Simpleminers is committed to deploying the world’s leading computing facilities (accounting for approximately 3.5% of the global Bitcoin computing power) and mining algorithms.We are also actively contributing to facilitate more people to participate in Bitcoin investment and stabilize the Bitcoin investment environment.

Recently, Simpleminers has developed a “one-click investment” business for Bitcoin mining through model innovation. Through this business, Simpleminers can deploy greater computing power to maintain global computing power leadership and ensure that the company’s overall revenue can remain at a high level after the Bitcoin halving event;It can also greatly reduce the capital scale, knowledge reserve and investment experience requirements for everyone to participate in Bitcoin investment. This will be the most noteworthy feat for investors in 2024.

What is Simpleminers’ “One Click Investing” business?

This is an investment project in which investors participate in Bitcoin mining by purchasing computing power contracts. In order to facilitate investors, Simpleminers has added a “one-click purchase” function to the computing power contract, making the operation extremely simple and convenient. When the contract purchase is successful, investors only need to wait for the contract to expire and then get back their principal and income.

Since the halving event is about to happen in the near future, and after the halving event, mergers and acquisitions of Bitcoin miners will inevitably occur. Therefore, in order to gain the upper hand and ensure more advantages in merger and acquisition adjustments, Simpleminers decided to make huge benefits to participants who joined the “one-click investment”. Specific performance is as follows:

1. You can make money by registering. Because you get $10 for free when you sign up, you can also get $0.3 of daily interest income by using this $10 to purchase contracts.

2. You can earn more by purchasing contracts. Simpleminers has launched a variety of computing power contracts with daily interest rates as high as 3%.

For example, the following contract pays daily interest:

Contract computing power Contract cycle contract price daily interest rate Total earnings to maturity
Antminer L7       9.05GH/S 2day $100 3% $100+$6=$106
Antminer S17 Pro    73TH/S 3day $300 1.15% $300+$10.35=310.35
Antminer S17+       76TH/S 7day $500 1.2% $500+$42=$542
AvalonMiner A1246   85TH/S 15day $1000 1.3% $1000+$195=$1195

(The computing power value of the contract is different, the investment amount and period are different, and the income is also different. For more contracts, please log in to the Simpleminers official website to view)

Investment case: With an investment amount of $10,000, you can purchase a contract of Whatminer M30S+ 100TH/S worth $10,000 with a 50-day cycle. The daily interest rate for this contract is 1.65%.

After purchase, the amount of investment income you can earn every day = $10000*1.65%=$165.

After 50 days, your principal and income = $10000+$165*50=$10000+$8250=$18250

3.Recharge and get cash back. Recharge $3,000 and get $30 cash back; recharge $10,000 and get $200 cash back. The more you recharge, the more cashback you get.

Want to earn more?

Simpleminers also has another way to make money: the affiliate program.

Invite your friends to make money at Simpleminers and you can get a cash reward of 3% of their investment;

If your friends invite their friends to invest again, you can also get a cash reward of 1% of their investment amount.

For example, if you invite some friends to make money on Simpleminers and they invest $300,000, you will receive a cash reward of $9,000. If your friend invites some more people and they invest $100,000, you will also receive a $1,000 cash reward.

Why do Simpleminers give such high returns?

Because when the computing power is leading, the profits of miners are indeed very high. With your joining, we will make money faster. We are willing to sacrifice short-term gains in exchange for longer-term, high-speed earning power.

If you want to participate in our money-making business, please operate through our official website or download our mobile APP, download address: please click


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