SmartCash Offers Blockchain Payment Solution for stores in Brazil; Switzerland and Sri Lanka Next


Many wonder whether cryptocurrencies will, in fact, become a reality in people’s day-to-day lives. For this to happen, physical stores must be prepared to easily accept them as a payment method, just like they do with credit cards. Moreover, they still have to face problems such as the time to confirm transactions in the blockchain and other technological impasses to match expectations of both businesses and users.

Born as a cryptocurrency focused on commercial acceptance, SmartCash has developed a solution to for facilitating its acceptance into business. The flagship product, the SmartCard, is a card that people can create on the mobile phone, print, or order a NFC-ready version of it. With the SmartCard, people can use their funds directly from their wallet using only a PIN, as expected. Businesses run the application to convert their own Android device into payment processing machine, with near zero fees and instant payment confirmation.

In addition to this payment method, SmartCash is also compatible with fiat settlement. Currently available only in Brazil in partnership with Kamoney, the merchant can choose to receive the values of its sales in local currency directly in his bank account, without worrying about the exchange rate fluctuation. This matches the needs of businesses.

The next countries to support automatic conversion into fiat currency are Switzerland and Sri Lanka through the partnership with BitC. In Switzerland, 11 stores are in the test phase, with an official launch to quickly follow.

The first Brazilian store to join SmartCash’s payment platform was Taco, a popular clothing store in Belém, in the state of Pará. The process, which is as simple as a credit card transaction, can be seen in the video below :

Besides Taco, 44 other stores are expected to start operating soon in the country with the SmartCash fiat settlement integration.

Contactless payment card

The SmartCash product that makes the system possible is the SmartCard, and it can be issued by anyone through a simple website or App. After loading the SmartCard with SMART, the platform’s cryptocurrency, the user can use a QR code available on its front to make a payment in stores with only their PIN required.

Optionally, users can even request delivery of a NFC card encoded with their information. With this card, users can make the payment simply by touching their card in the machine or device available in the store, making purchases a seamless experience.

It is totally free for both users and business

For both merchants and users, it is totally free to start using SmartCash. Merchants receive the full amount of the sale, with no extra fees.

For business owners, the website to get started is SmartCash for Business, where you can find detailed information and register your location.

The first step for final users is to create their first SmartCard and then acquire SMART in one of the exchanges that trade the cryptocurrency to send to their secure SmartCard wallet.

About SmartCash

SmartCash is a easy to use, fast and secure cryptocurrency that supports everyday use such as business payments and daily transactions. SmartCash is meant to be a currency and our vision is to replace centralized fiat currencies. SmartCash is a coin with its own blockchain that uses the Bitcoin base code. Learn more at


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