SmarterWorx (ARTX) Analysis Predicts High Prices After Launch, Akin To Internet Computer (ICP) And Aptos (APTOS)


The collapse of the one-time second-largest crypto and derivative exchange FTX saw a market shift to extreme fear, sending crypto prices plummeting to lows seen before the previous bull run. The aftermath has seen Bitcoin trading below $18k as the bearish market continues to reign supreme. Despite the sentiment, analysts predict that Internet Computer and Aptos are ticking time bombs set to explode when bulls take charge. One particular project has caught the eyes of investors. SmarterWorx is the future of DeFi.

Internet Computer and Aptos remain bullish despite the bear market reign, experts predict

Aptos is a layer-1 ledger developed under the Move language of programming software. The ecosystem has gained massive traction as its native digital currency rises to fame. The ecosystem has a projectile set to propel its prices to new highs by offering scalability, availability, safety, and use cases. The genesis of Aptos took place in October 2022. Internet Computer has also drawn a lot of attention from netizens. The platform became a pioneer in decentralized internet upon its launch. Investors have their eyeballs on ICP because the platform offers a decentralized alternative to centralized corporate cloud services.

SmarterWorx will outshine ICP and Aptos

Newer projects in the DeFi projects are launching every day. However, most need more utility in their niche and tend to offer meme tokens. SmarterWorx is changing this by opening the world of valuable art investments to everyday mum-and-dad investors. The project is currently pre-selling its native cryptocurrency, ARTX, at a discount to raise funds to develop its ecology.

Once launched and fully integrated, SmarterWorx will allow ARTX holders to own a piece of valuable art digitally. The project will select top artists and will tokenize artwork to produce a replica of the tangible art in the blockchain network. This will see the value of these NFTs skyrocket exponentially due to the digital utility added through tokenization. ARTX holders will benefit significantly as the portfolio of rare art appreciates.

Moreover, SmarterWorx has a burning mechanism where half of the profits generated from an art sale will be used to buy and burn ARTX, significantly reducing its supply and increasing its rarity and demand. Buy ARTX at a discount and join other early buyers in the rocket to the moon. ARTX will rise exponentially in value after the official launch as investors and whales rush in to take advantage of the opportunity.

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