SmarterWorx Lets You Collect Fine Art Through Fractionalized NFTs, Disrupting Market Dominated by Opensea and Solana

The NFT market has long been considered the disruptor of content distribution. Creators can tokenize their content and sell the NFTs directly to fans via marketplaces. The most popular content on NFT marketplaces is physical and digital artwork. Given their higher demand and value, art NFTs may require intensive capital beyond the reach of regular investors.

One way to make art NFTs affordable is by issuing fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs). These are comparable to smaller denominations of a currency. SmarterWorx is the pioneering project that offers F-NFTs for collectors. So, you can own part of a pricey art piece. The platform has taken up quickly and could overtake competitors like OpenSea and Solana, which do not issue F-NFTs.

Understanding SmarterWorx

Simply, SmarterWorx is a decentralized protocol that allows retail investors to own NFTs collectively and earn from the sales. The protocol seeks the finest physical art and adds it to its collection, then mints a 1-of-1 digital NFT tied to the physical artwork. Afterward, SmarterWorx generates F-NFTs for each piece and issues it to investors. Also, SmarterWorx securely stores the physical art and insures it.

With all the value addition, SmarterWorx then marks up the piece and lists it for sale. SmarterWorx manages a mega portfolio of artwork. This portfolio also serves as the asset backing for the platform’s native token, $ARTX. This way, the $ARTX price floor rises even during bearish markets. Moreover, SmarterWorx leverages its built-in SmarterBurn token model to buy back $ARTX from circulating supply and send it to a burn address. As such, SmarterWorx triggers an induced demand for $ARTX.

50% of the revenue generated from reselling art pieces and their connected NFTs is disbursed to investors holding the F-NFTs. So, owning fine art is as easy as buying the F-NFTs issued by SmarterWorx.

How Does OpenSea Work?

OpenSea is the leading NFT marketplace. The platform is a centralized company enabling creators to mint collectibles while fans explore and purchase their favorite tokens. Transactions on the network are settled in $ETH, and minting NFTs is notoriously expensive on OpenSea.

Creators on OpenSea can only issue indivisible NFTs. So, users who aim to own a specific token may have to form a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to pool resources and buy the artwork.

What is Solanart?

Solanart is the NFT marketplace of the layer-1 blockchain platform Solana. The marketplace boasts zero fees for all NFT trades. Like OpenSea, Solanart has an expansive NFT collection. Similarly, Solanart only issues indivisible NFTs, restricting NFT ownership to users with deep pockets. Transactions on the platform are settled in Solana’s native $SOL token, which has plunged over 60% in November alone.

Final Takeaway

Unlike OpenSea’s fragmented network, owning art pieces on SmarterWorx is straightforward. The platform itself is a DAO. So, it is easy to pool resources and buy artwork through the F-NFTs. Also, SmarterWorx’s $ARTX is heavily backed by physical art. This way, the token sustains its price floor and fends off market volatility effects to prevent a $SOL-like crash. Gear up for the art sector disruption with SmarterWorx.

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