Social Challenge Network PROVOCO Creates Its App Prototype

PROVOCO team is happy to announce that the prototype and design of their mobile app has already launched. As PROVOCO is the project of social network and various viral challenges, to have an app for such activities is a must. More than 10 people are working intensively on this system, although the application will be only a part of the final product.

Several important tasks were addressed during the process of the app design:

  • A new format. challenges will be well-known globally, so it should be presented as understandable as possible.
  • A convenient app. The main challenge for UX designers was to create an app which will allow for users to see the maximum amount of information during one session. The main goal is to update the app, which allows seeing all the information with just 4 swipes.

The prototype has 7 separate areas. Find out more about them and the prototype here:

PROVOCO is a new, challenge-oriented social network project, with cryptocurrency-based financial rewards ecosystem, instant P2P value transfer option, Smart Contract features. It’s an organic viral challenges generator, where people can not only create the but also participate in with an actual value attached to the content. Moreover, the social network will create daily challenges, which are especially popular among millennials, and also, meaningful challenges, dealing with global issues (e.g. poverty, hunger, women rights, etc.), suitable for people and companies (!). Transparent Smart Contract signatures and community voting will ensure trust and clear rules for accomplishing and engaging in challenges.

Important note for investors! PROVOCO tokens pre-sale already started, and only for the very first this is the best opportunity to invest and get tokens with the best value.

For more information please visit

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