SocialMedia.Market launched a token sale for a decentralized influencer marketing platform

On December 7, SocialMedia.Market has started the first phase of the public token sale.

SocialMedia.Market is a decentralized platform, which allows to create, launch, and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers in a most convenient and relevant way.

The SocialMedia.Market platform is a solution to main challenges of influencer marketing. It addresses the problems of fraud, uncertain pricing, complicated transactions, complex partnerships, and low efficiency. As of now, the industry is fractured and requires a huge amount of time and resources to navigate the chaos of influencer marketing. With the implementation of the blockchain technology and smart contacts SocialMedia.Market will eliminate fraud and create a secure ecosystem.

All operations within the SocialMedia.Market ecosystem are executed with an utility cryptocurrency token – Social Media Token (SMT). It ensures 100% safe escrow transactions based on Blockchain technology, lesser cost for transactions within the platform, simplified and fast global payments. SMT upholds high standards of services and prevents any unauthorized manual intervention in the processes within the system.

“We are here to change the way we address influencer campaigns. Blockchain technology provides a way to eliminate the numerous industry issues, marketers have been struggling with for years. ensures transparent cooperation between all the parties involved.” – shares Dmitry Shyshov, the CEO and founder of SocialMedia.Market.

SocialMedia.Market has already partnered with Influencer Marketing Hub to ensure 100%  transparency and security of the influencer marketing ecosystem. ICOBOX also supported the project, becoming a tech partner of SocialMedia.Market.

“Our goal is to bring influencer marketing to a whole new level of transparency and security. Therefore we made sure that our contributors are 100% protected during the token sale. The contributors will receive their tokens to their wallets immediately after the end of the first phase of token sale.” – added Maksym Churkin, the tech lead of the project

The contributors will receive bonuses during the first phase of the token sale: 10% for day 1, 7% for day 2-3, 5% for day 4-5, 3% for day 6-7.

The first phase of the token sale will last till December 14, 12:00 GMT (13:00 CET). The exchange rate is 1 ETH for 800 SMT. The hard cap is 10 000 000 SMT.

To join the presale and learn all the product details please follow the link to the website –



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