Solomon Exchange: SMNX ICO: Most exciting Crypto Exchange ICO


We know how it feels to religiously search the market every single day to try and source a product or service, only to be constantly disappointed when you fail to find it. In this particular instance, have you been trying to seek out an ICO that allows you to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies in a simple and safe way? Well, Solomon Exchange has designed an amazing ICO that will empower you to do exactly that. Coming soon is the SMNX ICO; this is the cryptocurrency trading platform you’ve been searching for!

The SMNX ICO possesses many features that put ahead of all the competition in a crowded market, such as the instant transaction and exchange process. This is undoubtedly one of the most significant advances within the cryptocurrency industry over the past decade, which is why there is so much anticipation for our sale to commence on August 28th, 2017. So many people within the cryptocurrency are hugely excited about this launch, as it will provide those who crave a smart platform the chance to utilize the most eagerly awaited digital currency exchange programme on the market.

During the first three days of the sale, only early birds will be able to purchase this new, magnificent breed of ICO and will rewardingly receiving a discount of up to 20%. At Solomon Exchange, their priority is to unceasingly provide people from around the world with a trading platform that will eradicate all of the dreadful security risks that exist in the 21st century. Perfection is at the forefront of the minds of the Solomon Exchange team, and their wealth of experience and talent will make certain that their trading platform is categorically secure.

Solomon Exchange hasn’t been labelled the number one upcoming prospect in the area of currency exchange for no reason; the information on the SMNX ICO has lead people to state it is the greatest upcoming ICO on the marketplace. Huge players in the virtual money industry, the Bitcoin and the Ethereum community, are both backing the SMNX ICO.

Ultimately, if you want to enhance your cryptocurrency strategy and start trading on an ICO why epitomises the new era of cryptocurrency exchange, then the SMNX ICO is something you cannot avoid. Grab the opportunity with both hands and purchase the SMNX ICO on August 28th, 2017!
Token sale start date and time(UTC)
2017, 28 Aug 12:00:00

Token sale end date and time (UTC)
2017, 28 Sep 12:00:00

Total supply of token, for crowdsale, team e.t.c.
15.00 M
6M for coreteam
9M for public release
ICO price of token
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