Sparklo (SPRK) presale picks up steam as Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin (BTC) drop in value

In the past, conducting business transactions across borders was often complex and expensive. Traditional banking systems could take days or weeks to process transactions and there were often high fees and exchange rates to consider.However, the emergence of crypto has revolutionized transactions as parties can now complete them almost instantly, irrespective of their location.

A new emerging crypto project aiming to leverage this superior technology is Sparklo (SPRK). This crypto has recently drawn attention with its fascinating architecture and protocols. And has been tipped to compete with the likes of Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Sparklo (SPRK): digitally investing in precious metals

Sparklo adopts Blockchain technology to digitize how investors transact precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. With Sparklo, investors can acquire NFTs that reflect tangible investments in precious metals, which they can trade on an open market. It is a considerable investment opportunity because noble metals and crypto have the potential to appreciate. Therefore, investors’ capital can increase geometrically.

The Sparklo team completed a KYC verification process and the platform was fully audited by the InterFi Network. Moreover, the liquidity on top of the platform will be locked for a total of 100 years.

During the second stage of its presale, the SPRK token trades at a value of $0.022 with an additional 30% bonus. Analysts predict that the cryptocurrency can climb in value by 1,500% in the upcoming months. Based on our research, Sparklo represents a solid investment opportunity and could be one of the most high-growth altcoins of 2023 and beyond. Click below to find out more.


Ripple’s (XRP) Expenditures Rise Due To Lawsuit.

Cryptocurrency company Ripple (XRP) has revealed it has spent $200 million defending itself against a lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The lawsuit accuses Ripple (XRP), CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen of breaching US securities laws by selling Ripple (XRP) without registering it with the regulator.

Ripple maintains that Ripple (XRP) is a digital currency, not a security. The SEC has taken enforcement against other crypto companies, including Kraken and Coinbase. The crypto industry has been critical of the SEC’s actions and Ripple (XRP) CEO Garlinghouse said SEC officials had made statements that contradict the regulator’s view.

Binance Halts Bitcoin (BTC) Withdrawals, Citing Network Congestion as Cause

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance temporarily paused Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals on its platform on Sunday due to congestion issues impacting Bitcoin’s network. This pause prevented Bitcoin (BTC), the most significant token by market cap, from being traded. Binance reported they were working on a fix and resumed withdrawals an hour later.

During the pause, many people on Twitter speculated about the cause, ranging from technical theories to international political conspiracies. Transaction fees on Bitcoin (BTC) were also extremely high, averaging around $9.62 per transaction on Friday, which is the highest in almost two years. This expensive fee is due to a backlog of unconfirmed Bitcoin (BTC) transactions in the network’s mempool, which currently totals around 395,000. During press time, Binance has reopened Bitcoin withdrawals, but the congestion issue remains a concern for Bitcoin (BTC) users.

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