Spot Bitcoin ETFs Attract Massive Inflows: How to Profit with Bitcoin Cash and Rebel Satoshi


  • Despite a recent 4.80% dip, experts believe the inflow on ETFs guarantees great returns in Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Despite significant whale investment, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has crashed on the price charts.
  • Rebel Satoshi (RECQ) has emerged as one of the best presale memecoins amid a 120% surge.

Amidst the buzz surrounding Bitcoin ETFs, analysts foresee significant potential for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Rebel Satoshi (RECQ). These coins are positioned favorably as the best cryptos to buy. Let’s see how BCH, BTC, and $RECQ present the best investment opportunity in the current market scenario!

Bitcoin ETFs Witnesses Record-Breaking Inflow

On June 7, the U.S. spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) saw an influx of $131 million, marking 19 days of positive inflows.

This inflow was witnessed even though the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB) experienced net outflows totaling 1,364 BTC worth around $96.84 million, leaving its total holdings at 48,939 BTC, or $3.47 billion.

Following this news, Bitcoin’s BTC has seen a 4.8% decline from $69,342.59 to $66,011.09 a week later. This downturn has affected investor confidence in Bitcoin, leading to gloomy predictions indicating BTC might fall to $64,842.48 by mid-July.

Conversely, some Bitcoin analysts remain optimistic, foreseeing a surge in value in the upcoming weeks. Fueled by BTC’s increasing adoption, these forecasts suggest BTC could rise to $71,839.19 by mid-July. Does this make BTC one of the best cryptos to buy? Let’s get the forecast on other top coins.

RECQ Emerges as One of the Top Presale Memecoins

Many investors and enthusiasts in the digital asset business have long dreamed about crypto communities returning to decentralization. The cryptocurrency industry has gone far from its original concept, and given the market’s disproportionate impact of centralized forces, it is difficult to return to such principles.

However, Rebel Satoshi is a meme coin with stated measures for combating greater centralization. The idea is built on community-led activities and fair possibilities for wealth accumulation. Specifically, Rebel Satoshi strives for a revolution that includes three key offerings: coin staking, NFT trading, and peer-to-peer blockchain gaming.

All community members will have access to these features, which the network will distribute using a dual-token ecosystem. Rebel Satoshi’s economic plan employs two core coins: RBLZ for governance and RECQ for utility reasons.

RBLZ is also utilized for token staking, which helps to secure the network. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi’s second coin, RECQ, is a utility token. RECQ will process all fees, transactions, and incentives. Community members will also require RECQ to receive rewards from Rebel Satoshi’s play-to-earn arcade.

RECQ is presently in Stage 2 of its presale. Its value has climbed to $0.0044, having grown by 120% since the Early Bird Round.

The exciting part is that new Stage 2 investors will get a staggering 184% profit once RECQ reaches $0.0125 at its launch after the presale ends. This prospect firmly places RECQ at the top among other presale memecoins.

Bitcoin Cash Forecast: $50 Million Invested by Whales in 2 Days, What’s Next?

Bitcoin Cash price found support at $450 on May 9, after bears prevented a $500 retest 48 hours earlier. Over the last two days, crypto whales leveraged on the BCH price drop to add at least 110,000 BCH (approximately $50 million) to their holdings.

Since this event, Bitcoin Cash has experienced a 4.96% decline, falling from $454.96 to $422.88 a month later. Nonetheless, this has not impacted investor sentiments about BCH, as investors believe that the Bitcoin ETF influx will lead to an upswing up to $527.74 by mid-July. This projection places BCH as one of the best cryptos to buy.

Conversely, alternative Bitcoin Cash analysts remain bearish, foreseeing a value dip. Fueled by BCH’s recent price action, these projections suggest BCH could fall to $428.65 by July.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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