Spotting a Green Light for Bitcoin ETF; VeChain and InQubeta Stir Investor Enthusiasm

Many experts this week have called the SEC decision on Bitcoin ETF a sell the news event, pointing at the poor price performance since its launch. There is still a light on the horizon though, and investing in BTC ETFs may still prove to be a worthwhile decision in 2024.

We’ve also got a couple of smaller cap projects which are making great progress in their own right, with the ever-exciting InQubeta having generated over 8 million in their current presale.

Bitcoin ETF Is Still Bullish Despite Dips

There’s been quite a lot of emotional turmoil in the Bitcoin price chart recently as the BTC ETF has indeed turned out to be a sell the news event – at least in the short term. Indeed, when comparing ETFs and cryptocurrencies, many are looking to scrap their ETF investments and go all in on altcoins, but don’t act too soon!

If we look back at the first Gold ETF, the announcement was definitely followed by some sell-the-news style bearish momentum, but after this period, prices skyrocketed to some never before seen all time highs.

Bitcoin then, may be experiencing similar short term teething issues, and be poised to moon to 200k price targets before the year closes. After all, these ETFs are only the start of BTC adoption, and will undoubtedly encourage more global adoption by countries and private entities alike.

VeChain Gaining Investor Interest

Created in 2015, VeChain is a blockchain platform with the mission of streamlining supply chain management with distributed ledger technology (DLT). VeChain is designed to improve the flow of supply chains and to enhance business processes with the help of secure distributed ledger technology.

It’s a smart contract blockchain offering software solutions for businesses. It is best known for its enterprise supply chain product that traces shipped goods. This gives VeChain real-world uses across a variety of industries, including the food and beverage, fashion, and automotive sectors. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for some altcoins to buy with real utility.

Market Leader InQubeta Keeps Boosting In Price

InQubeta’s NFT marketplace is where the magic unfolds. AI startups create reward and equity-based NFTs, listing them on the platform, and offering investors a top crypto to buy. Investors, using QUBE tokens, can seamlessly engage in this unique investment process, providing an opportunity for the best crypto investment. As they invest, startups receive vital funding and garner support from a dedicated community of QUBE token holders.

What sets QUBE apart is its deflationary nature. It imposes a 2% tax on both buy and sell transactions, directing funds to a burn wallet that enhances the token’s value over time.

InQubeta’s choice of the Ethereum blockchain underscores its commitment to security and transparency. Looking ahead, InQubeta plans to expand its investment ecosystem by becoming multichain in 2024, leveraging the strengths of multiple blockchain platforms, making it one of the best coins to invest in.

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The Bitcoin ETF may still have a significant price impact as we move into 2024, so don’t count it out yet. Plus, there may also be some fantastic price performance from other altcoins, like VeChain and InQubeta. Be sure to do your own research and make your investments wisely.

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