SSAYE, the Hi-Tech Smart Living Marketplace, Introduces Digital Tokens


SSAYE Club, a hi-tech smart living marketplace, introduces digital tokens to its members for enabling smart living and adopt sustainable practices thus engaging members to be part of a smart economy and smart city! SSAYE is the first marketplace developed in the interest of consumer and communities.

SSAYE offers a unique membership based digital marketplace enabling people to make smart and secure transactions for smart living in the new economy. The marketplace is designed for local economic development with advanced technologies and global resources. Individuals, communities, businesses can participate in the marketplace for buying product/services, while also having a social engagement in the interest to make positive impact in local developments. The solution is targeted for smart living and smart cities, where the individuals and communities can smartly utilize the resources and achieve higher outputs with minimized inputs. The marketplace transactions such as service or product orders can be placed using the digital tokens.

While there are many modules planned, the initial modules being offered are

  • Asset Management
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Social Engagement

Property owners can digitize their asset in the system and maintain activities such as property upgrades, that will benefit transactions such as property transition to successors.

Likewise, energy sustainability will enable auditing the energy in their buildings and adopt better energy solutions such as solar power and battery storage, thus reducing costs and going energy independent.

Social Engagement projects solution will enable the creation of project opportunities and people participation to monitor the progress and ensure completion of the project successfully.

The ecosystem also provides a wide variety of services and products from related partners with priority to local service providers.

While the platform provides such services and products in engaging transactions, on a macro level, the system would enable people making better decisions based on the learning from past transactions that they have performed, and minimizing the risks and costs for customer orders. The value to consumer with the integrated system is much higher with less efforts.

The future platform will be driven using blockchain and AI, thus giving better results, higher security, decentralization, lowering costs, building trust in the society. The model also includes incentives for developers and co-operators who form the miners for the platform, thus developing jobs in the community.
The team comprises of leaders who have served Fortune 100 companies globally and have been in the leading-edge technology solutions. The group has also been involved with smart township projects in India and other countries, and the smart living marketplace solution has been a natural fit in this domain. SSAYE has also partnered with Jukko, a social impact mobile apps company, for enabling corporates to make impact in the ecosystem.

The marketplace transactions are performed using SSAYE digital tokens. The tokens are set for sale on September 18th 2017, and the details can be found at their website 

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