STACKD Finance ready to launch their first utility – Advanced Verification Services (AVS)


This weeks Highlights

– 0% Buy Tax for 7 Days (From 29th May & Ends 5th June)

– Marketing Push for AVS

– AVS Launched

– DEX Listing

– Staking Parameters Announced (High APR & short timeframes)

– There will be a 0% buy tax from May 29th 5 PM EST to June 5th 5 PM EST for trades on EverSwap


STACKD Finance is a new decentralised project aiming to provide an interconnected suite of offerings to individuals and projects for the benefit of the entire crypto space.

STACKD Finance has recently unveiled their first utility Advanced Verification Services (AVS), a superior method of individual and project verification aiming to replace the lacklustre KYC processes that are the current industry norm.

Understanding how AVS works

The current standard of identify verification is ‘KYC’ which stands for ‘know your customer’. This is a level of verification that is designed to verify the identify of customers of financial institutions and is not a suitable standard of verification for individuals running multi-million-dollar projects.

STACKD Finance AVS will set a new standard of individual and project verification. AVS starts by incorporating the highest standard of Identity document verification and biometric analysis. AVS then continues further by conducting additional checks to verify the actual person behind the identity document. The process then moves to conducting criminal history and financial history checks on the project leads, providing individual investors with additional peace of mind that these people are fit people to invest with.

Not content with stopping there, STACKD Finance will also verify the project itself, not just the people behind the project.

STACKD Finance is based on two main pillars.

Prevention – By establishing a new standard of rigorous identify verification, a person who has gone through AVS verification is far less likely to commit fraud. This will in turn allow investors to have a higher level of confidence in the project, leading to more investors being willing to invest in the project.

Accountability – In the event of an individual/project completing the AVS verification process and then being involved in a ‘Scam’ or ‘rug pull’, STACKD Finance AVS will co-operate fully with any relevant criminal/civil proceedings. This is included in the terms and conditions of AVS and all individuals completing the AVS verification process, acknowledge this prior to undertaking the verification process.

STACKD Finance AVS also plans on establishing partnerships with blockchain investigation companies, to further enhance potential responses to ‘scams’ or ‘rug pulls’.

Upon fulfilling the relevant requirements, the individual or project will be issued with a STACKD Finance AVS Certificate of verification. This certificate illustrates that the project/individual has passed the stringent AVS verification process and can be used by the project/individual to verify their reliability to the industry and investor community.

AVS Offerings.

STACKD Finance AVS will offer three initial levels of verification.

AVS Standard – The new standard of individual identity verification. Includes ID verification, Biometric analysis, analysis of social media presence and mobile phone/email verification.

AVS Gold – Suitable for Project team leaders. Verifies not just the identity of a person, but also that they are a fit and proper person to be running a multimillion-dollar company. Includes the AVS standard process as well as Criminal History and Financial History checks.

AVS Project – Our all-inclusive verification process. Includes AVS gold for any individual with access to project money and unlimited AVS standard for all other team members. AVS project then also reviews the projects business plan, funding plans, smart contract development and contract audit to ensure that they have a plan to carry out their business thoroughly. This level of verification is not given easily and projects wishing to pass this level of verification must have a sound knowledge of the crypto space, business, and operations.

About STACKD Finance

The goal of STACKD Finance is to raise the bar for decentralised finance. Through a wide range of innovative services, the project aims to provide investors with peace of mind in the crypto market.

As DeFi ultimately moves towards requiring regulation, STACKD Finance is committed to providing a new standard within DeFi to ensure that when regulation comes, the industry has already started to adapt and move towards safety, assurance and quality of project and investment potential.




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