Stakers Getting USDC Airdropped Even During ICO Stay Safe From Crypto Downturn

Cryptos, led by the pioneer, BTC, are facing a downturn as tensions hit the geopolitical arena. Octoblock is still airdropping USDC amidst the downturn and this is happening during its ICO. This extraordinary feat by Octoblock is amazing and shines light on Octoblock as the safest investment to venture into during this volatile market.

Staying Safe From Downturns

The crypto arena started its downturn on April 14, when Iran-Israel spat escalated. The result was a fall in the BTC price by $10,000 to its lowest level after realizing its ATH of 73K. This downtrend occurred when the Bitcoin Halving is almost home. Similarly, Ethereum and other altcoins especially the meme coins slid back downtrend. The largest altcoin ETH saw its price go below $3K. The Ethereum price downtrend came when the Hong Kong ETF approval was hotting up. Moreover, ETH ETF spot approvals are almost due.

The two established cryptocurrencies initiated a ripple effect through the industry. Surprisingly, credible projects in presale like the Octoblock ICO was shining, airdropping its USDC rewards without feeling the effects. As the reasons unfold, investors realized that the safe bet in the current situation was to invest in ICOs early in their development.

Octoblock’s Strategy Of Airdrops During ICO

Octoblock is a project bundling a befitting suite to diverse investors to ensure profitability always. Its ICO, live in phase four features one OCTO token at $0.038, with a 12% bonus and plenty of rewards directed to the ICO holders. ICO participation entitles holders to rewards and other benefits during the ICO phases. ICO funds are invested by Nautilus Trove, the protocol’s profit generating platform. The profits from ICO staking are apportioned to rewards, airdrops, charity, fund managers’ fees and the rest rolled back for more profits and liquidity,

USDC Airdrops Amidst crypto Downturn

45% of the profits generated are airdropped to all ICO participants according to their percentage holdings. The weekly USDC rewards are airdropped to holder wallets every Monday. The Nautilus Trove also runs a draw to be held before launch, after the ICO phases. The prize is a Tesla model to be won by an OCTO holder chosen randomly. The entries offered are commensurate with the OCTO token holdings, where one token equates to one entry.

The Tentacle Trust, a charitable wing of the project, is tasked with identifying prominent causes towards marine life and oceanic health. The Trove allocates them 5% to be awarded based on votes to determine the worthy cause. The Saltwater sweepstake holds monthly draws to reward holders based on snapshot timings. Further, the OCTO platform visualizes a multi interoperable platform of secure transfers and transactions. Hence, they have designed the Coral Cove DEX that will offer support for almost all the digital assets.

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