Started from the bottom… How an Iraqi refugee became the youngest self-made millionaire in Switzerland thanks to crypto


To help others achieve financial freedom, Dadvan Yousuf founded Dohrnii, a platform that democratizes access to crypto education and supports investors with tools to succeed

The price of a single Bitcoin has soared in the last years, bringing early investors for quite a ride towards financial freedom. One of them, Dadvan Yousuf, was just 11 when he first invested in cryptocurrency in 2011, when the price of Bitcoin was only €15. His main goal was to help his family, who came from Iraq to Switzerland as refugees, lift out of poverty.

At the age of 21, Dadvan Yousuf was considered Switzerland’s youngest self-made millionaire, all thanks to his trades in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Kurdish refugee not only helped his entire family in Switzerland and Iraq, but also became one of the youngest professional crypto traders. His goal now is to democratize access to financial education to help others achieve their goals.

“I know what it’s like to live in poverty, and being able to take my family out of it means the world to me. Bitcoin has been a huge opportunity in my life, and the good news is that we’re still early in the game.  This crypto revolution has the potential to be a great equalizer and give people opportunities they never had before”, explained Yousuf.


In his objective of sharing knowledge and supporting investors, Dadvan founded Dohrnii, a financial empowerment platform with two main products: The Academy and The Marketplace. Each supports crypto beginners and pros to gain knowledge about the market, understand economics and finance, and succeed as investors.

  • Dohrnii Academy

The Academy focuses on making financial education accessible to anyone anywhere in the world. Students will learn about different crypto topics. Highly gamified, the objective is to deliver content in an engaging and relevant way.

Dohrnii Academy provides students with high-quality educational content that is open to everyone, accessible for free, and rewarding to complete. To encourage users to learn, Dohrnii created a Learn to Earn method, which rewards users as they learn and progress through the lessons.

A gamechanger in the educational space, Dohrnii’s unique teaching style helps investors understand the crypto space in an easy, highly personified, and engaging way. The curriculum is curated by university professors to ensure only the highest quality content.

  • Dohrnii Marketplace

The Marketplace supports investors by giving them access to high-quality data and relevant information about the crypto space, helping them to make informed decisions when investing.

“We are building an open-source platform that will help investors access high-quality data and strategies. We’re opening the door to an ecosystem of content creators and users that together power the platform with aligned incentives”, explained Dadvan Yousuf.

The platform focuses on exchanging crypto content in the form of datasets or strategies. Just like any marketplace, there will be people that create the content (creators) and people that consume the content (users).

Creators are ‘crypto experts’ with a good reputation. They’ll be able to include their content in a structured dataset and deploy it on a smart contract. This allows creators to monetize the dataset while retaining content ownership.

On the other hand, users are people looking to invest in the crypto industry. With the Marketplace, they will access high-quality data that will help them create more successful strategies.

DHN Token

Also known as the empowerment token, $DHN powers the Dohrnii Ecosystem. It’s used to reward students of the Academy, also Marketplace users will need to acquire and stake DHN to access the tools and deploy content on the marketplace.

“The DHN Token encourages all participants to contribute to the Dohrnii ecosystem. It also supports the creation of a clearing structure as the main growth engine of the platform”, concluded Yousuf.

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