Stellar & Litecoin Traders Flock to Fezoo’s Revolutionary Presale Betting Big Despite Market Downturns

The crypto market is wishing this downturn to be an April fool joke, major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum saw a good correction of around 10%. While both Stellar and Litecoin also corrected with the giants, investors of the coins are now shifting towards the new exchange which gives users an edge over the traditional exchange. We are talking about the new revolutionary decentralized exchange Fezoo, which is grabbing the attention of investors for its presale.

Stellar price movement

After the dip, Stellar took the support from the 200MA in the daily time frame and rallied around 20% and again made a slight correction. $0.13 which acted as a resistance for a long time now acting as a major support for the Stellar.

The last major high for the Stellar is $0.195 and if it does very well we can see that high achieving in case of a mega bull run. According to YouTuber Ethan native Stellar is going to do well, Stellar is known as a dead coin but for the past 6 Seven 8 months it’s been trading in the 11-12 cent range or thereabouts for a very long time now it’s currently trading around 14 cents.

Litecoin Surges After CFTC Declares the Cryptocurrency a Commodity

Litecoin has seen a good surge after the news, catapulting itself to become the second best-performing cryptocurrency among the top 100. This surge came after the news involving the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). In a lawsuit against the crypto exchange KuCoin, the CFTC officially classified Litecoin as a commodity. This classification is good news for Litecoin, It means more chances for endorsements and partnerships without worrying about the SEC getting involved.

Fezoo surpassing the traditional exchanges

With the benefits Fezoo provides over the traditional exchanges it is soon to surpass them. Both the Stellar and Litecoin communities are participating in the Fezoo presale. Investors are excited about this new decentralized exchange because it offers lower fees, lets you earn money by staking your tokens and shares half of its transaction fees with you if you buy tokens early.

Right now, Fezoo is in the stage 1 of its presale. It’s worth mentioning that it has passed an audit and the liquidity will be locked forever, which makes it very safe for the investor who wants to participate in the presale. Plus, at a price of $0.013, Fezoo is a real deal, especially when you think about the huge potential it has as a top-tier cryptocurrency.

For more information check out Fezoo’s official website




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