Stellar (XLM), Uwerx (WERX) Presale, or Cosmos Hub (ATOM) Heading for the Stars?

2023 is turning out to be a better time for global economies after the extreme downturn of the past few years. The uptick has also been felt by the broader crypto market, and projects like Stellar (XLM) and Cosmos Hub (ATOM) have already started to rise.

But while these projects will have significant growth this year, new entrant Uwerx is not far behind. Perhaps even growing much more than these two.

Stellar (XLM) Touches the Stars

Stellar (XLM) is helping the public through its mission of allowing anyone to transact not only in a faster and more efficient manner, but also with any asset of their choice.

Stellar (XLM) allows one party to send any form of digital asset, be it cryptocurrencies or tokenized forms of fiat, and the other party can receive in their preferred currency. This unique offering has made Stellar (XLM) famous, especially for remittances.

The popularity has pushed Stellar (XLM), with the token running around $.094 at the time of writing, with a $2.5 billion market cap. The boost is because Stellar (XLM) uses its token as the base payment. Crypto analysts are predicting further growth this year for Stellar (XLM), with a massive 60% jump to around $0.15.

Uwerx (WERX) Presale is Flourishing

As a newcomer, Uwerx has big shoes to fill. The project has all the characteristics to do so too. Freelancing is one of the largest growing industries today, and Uwerx tackles the problems associated with a consistent high growth industry.

While legacy and market-leading platforms like UpWork have freelancers frustrated due to a lack of support and heavy pay cuts, Uwerx takes an extremely friendly approach.

For starters, the Uwerx fee is a quarter of the industry standard (1% vs 20%). If this isn’t convincing enough for freelancers to consider Uwerx, it also offers complete transparency of operations, IP protection through immutable records, and no delays in payment release.

The platform further offers peace of mind through its openness. Taxes on its token selling will be removed, followed by the control shifted to users from the developers. Code audits have been conducted InterFi Network and SolidProof, two of the premiere blockchain testing firms, shows that the platform is secure and safe. Uwerx also offers long-term value protection of its WERX token through a liquidity lock that will last 25 years after presale.

The WERX presale $0.0065. Predictions put it at around $2.6 by May. With investors looking for the next gem, WERX provides the perfect opportunity as an earlier investment has the most chances of gains.

Cosmos Hub (ATOM) is Also Booming

Cosmos Hub (ATOM) makes blockchain development and usage extremely easier. Acting as a “hub”, it connects different networks through its blockchain, allowing the fragmented industry to act as one.

Cosmos Hub (ATOM) also enables ease in the development and deployment of dApps and other services through its modular framework. Cosmos Hub (ATOM) forgoes complex programming knowledge and gives a boost to the industry to offer more creative services with a fraction of the effort required.

Describing itself as “Blockchain 3.0”, Cosmos Hub (ATOM) has been operational for nearly 3 years. Though 2022 saw a beating due to the overall bear market, it is expected to grow back and recoup losses. Still at a comfortable $11.25, it commands a major $3.8 billion in market cap, which will see a significant rise as Cosmos Hub (ATOM) may attempt to swell its price to touch $22 before the year ends. That is a 65% growth in a few short months.

While Cosmos Hub (ATOM) and Stellar (XLM) are showing signs of positive growth in the coming months. It is hoped that this will help token holders reap profits, we believe that Uwerx offers a greater chance than these, thanks to its strong tokenomics, well-designed operations and the dedicated team behind it. Get your share of the presale now by following the links below to find out about about the ongoing competition to win $5,000 and a 25% purchase bonus. Get in whilst you can before the price goes up on Sunday!


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