StreamCoins’ STRMNFT Launches Creator Program to Support Budding Artists

STRMNFT, StreamCoin’s NFT marketplace, launched an NFT-focused creator program on October 19. The program has been created to mark the forthcoming International Artist Day.

The launch of STRMNFT’s program highlights its commitment to supporting budding artists. As such, by joining the program, artists will be able to expand the horizons of their artistic journey. Moreover, as the marketplace will offer technical assistance in supporting the artists to mint their own collections, creators of the NFT do not need to be familiar with blockchain and its technical aspects.

Among all the interesting features available, the most notable one is that creators will have the chance to feature their collections on STRMNFT’s social media and homepage; and will also be able to take part in interviews on the marketplace’s official podcast. Above all else, participating in STRMNFT’s creator program will increase the chances of earning a verification badge, giving more credibility to the artists’ channels and collections.

Artists and creators are poised to receive an outstanding amount of exposure on STRMNFT, as the platform has garnered more than 75,000 users since its inception just a few months ago. Additionally, the platform boasts a community of over 200,000 followers across all social media platforms.

With its undivided attention given to STRMNFT, StreamCoin has been focusing on adding new features and improving user experience in the marketplace since its launch. Striving to achieve its future vision where NFTs will be globally utilized, StreamCoin has developed a complete ecosystem around STRMNFT, and it empowers users with its popular token STRM.

Notably, the team has developed bulk minting without any development tools, verification badges, two-factor authentication, and customizable collections features for STRMNFT.

StreamCoin also integrated the “Buy STRM” portal into STRMNFT. This provides easier access to STRM for all users and allows anyone to get STRM with many tokens available as payment options directly in their wallets.

STRMNFT cordially welcomes everyone interested in joining the program. Creators can apply before November 30 using the official application form. Also, creators can reach out to STRMNFT by sending a direct message with the hashtag #STRMNFTcreator on all social media platforms. Interested users can contact the team on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more information.

About StreamCoin and STRMNFT Marketplace

StreamCoin (STRM), as the name depicts, is a blockchain company developing an ecosystem for NFT and live-streaming applications. In short, StreamCoin utilizes its innovative technologies to break the gap between web2 and web3 users.

STRMNFT is the all-in-one NFT marketplace of the StreamCoin ecosystem. The emerging platform allows users to mint and trade their digital art in the form of NFTs. Earlier, the marketplace partnered with TNC Art and revealed three notable NFT collections: Lady Ape Club, Aurora Cat, and Career Shiba Inu.


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