Sui Sets New Blockchain Standards for Athens Exchange; Market Eyes on Chainlink AI Competitor as Next Bull Beacon

The Sui (SUI) network has been making waves with its partnership with the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX). It is setting new blockchain standards for the Athens Exchange by introducing the Electronic Book Building (EBB) tool on its blockchain. This partnership is the first time a stock exchange has developed such a solution on a public blockchain. Meanwhile, InQubeta (QUBE), an AI altcoin, has risen as a competitor to Chainlink (LINK), booming with its mission to connect AI startups and investors.

As a result, the crypto market is eyeing the QUBE token as the next bull beacon for a significant profit. The platform offers a diverse range of services to AI startups and investors. As one of the best altcoins to invest in, InQubeta harnesses the potential of blockchain and smart contracts to forge a transparent, secure, and democratic investment ecosystem.

This article explores why the crypto market sees InQubeta as a bullish beacon amid Sui setting new blockchain standards for Athens Exchange.

InQubeta (QUBE): The Deflationary Mechanism Drives Market Attention

InQubeta, a new DeFi crypto, is attracting prominent figures as the first crypto crowdfunding platform. The crypto market attention is firmly fixed on InQubeta, hailed as the next bull beacon in the crypto industry because it facilitates fractional investment in AI startups through its innovative QUBE tokens. Operating as a deflationary ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, QUBE offers a distinctive investment avenue for crypto enthusiasts seeking top crypto to buy for portfolio diversification.

With a unique deflationary nature, QUBE presents an enticing proposition for investors, grabbing the market spotlight as the future bull indicator. Through this mechanism, a 2% buy and sell tax contributes to a burning wallet, while a 5% tax fuels a dedicated reward pool, making QUBE token holders earn rewards through token staking. This new DeFi crypto project setup renders it an enticing project for investors who have faith in the promising growth prospects of AI technology startups.

InQubeta’s presale has been remarkable,  raising over $12.7 million in funding. The presale final stage has already witnessed over 930 million tokens sold at $0.028. With 73 million coins still available, the influx of crypto whales seeking top crypto to buy underscores their interest in the QUBE presale.

Sui (SUI): Accommodating ATHEX Securities Represented As Digital Certificates

The Sui network, an ecosystem built on layer-1 blockchain technology, unveiled its mainnet in May 2023, emphasizing digital asset ownership. Sui is setting new blockchain standards for the Athens Exchange by introducing the Electronic Book Building (EBB) tool on its blockchain. This initiative involves collaborating with the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) and Mysten Labs to enhance the EBB solution using the SUI blockchain.

The Sui network is set to accommodate ATHEX securities, which will be represented as digital certificates on its ledger. Operating as tokens compliant with Sui standards, they will reside in a protected environment, shielded by the SUI network of validators. This move signifies a significant step towards leveraging blockchain technology in stock market-related mechanisms.

Chainlink (LINK): Expanding Its Price Feed To Accommodate Renzo

Chainlink has expanded its price feed support to include Renzo, an EigenLayer restaking protocol. This integration enables the availability of LINK Price Feeds for Renzo’s ezETH across the Ethereum mainnet, Arbitrum, and Linea networks, as announced by the staking protocol on March 21.

Incorporating Chainlink’s service will enrich Renzo’s DeFi ecosystem, fostering further development. This enhancement will facilitate user access to reliable data feeds, essential for platforms like Compound that rely on Chainlink Price Feeds. Consequently, the integration of LINK represents a significant advancement for Renzo.


Sui’s introduction of new blockchain standards for Athens marks a new move in the crypto industry. InQubeta emerges as a transformative force in the crypto landscape, poised to redefine the dynamics of AI startup funding and community engagement. As a Chainlink competitor, its innovative approach and robust ecosystem make it one of the best altcoins, becoming the beacon of the next bull run in the cryptocurrency market.

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