TAB App: Crypto Ecosystem for E-commerce, Wallet Services, Crypto Exchange, Social Networking and C2C Service Connection Platform Goes Live on AppStore and Google Play


TABANK recently revealed its new application-based ecosystem Tabus that uses DeFi with advanced blockchain technology and presents the user with a unified platform for investments, social networking, gaming, eCommerce, and the list goes on and on. The good news is that users can now use this newly launched app on their android and iOS devices. The TABUS app makes it possible to utilize all the functionalities of the TABANK on the go providing better convenience and value to the users.

The features include; E-commerce, a c2c service connection platform, social networking, exchanges, e-wallets, online payment with cryptocurrency, exchanging cryptocurrencies, storing cryptocurrencies, and whatnot. Along with these essential services, the app provides booking services and online shopping in easy steps. With its dynamic find out nearby service, the app enables the user to get suggestions for nearby services. The powerful search and filter feature allows pinpointing precisely those services that the user needs.

For business owners, the TABUS app promotes their services on the app and reaches other community members.  This provides a unique outreach opportunity for users to get potential customers in a community of like-minded people. This app also makes it extremely easy to buy provider’s services and products in a few easy steps. It even maintains a history of the user’s transactions and activities for ease of tracking. Users can also quickly order the final plan or service they used using its re-order service.

The app also comes with a built-in messenger feature, making it possible to connect to sellers directly from within the app, thereby increasing the app’s credibility and showcasing the TABANK team’s devotion. The company is also offering token rewards to active community members that have contributed to the platform’s growth and development by holding the currency in their accounts. These tokens can be used to buy promoted banners in-app or exchange to get TAB with others.

The application has reward points for members, encouraging them to perform common actions like login, register, comment, rate, write articles etc. Each action has reward points called tokens, and they can exchange and sell tokens on the otc exchange. They can also use those tokens to buy banners, to advertise articles, and to advertise services.

This Singapore-based crypto-economic system is an online banking enterprise offering services in diverse areas. Being an online payment processor, it also performs other bank functionalities like sustainable savings, load, and other investment plans. The unique idea of adding all these features under one umbrella brings about a lot of ease and peace to its users.


Providing such diverse services on one platform itself faces multiple challenges. TABANK, with its dedicated team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and technocrats, can maintain the effectiveness of its services due to its robust and secure architecture. Built on the TOMO Blockchain, the TABANK app is one of the fastest, unique and promising platforms for earning and utilizing cryptocurrencies.

The Tabus app, allowing access to the TABank cryptocurrency ecosystem, combines e-commerce, social networking, wallets, and exchanges into a single mobile app.

The app provides separate account types for business owners and customers.

The business owner’s account has been designed after conducting extensive study and testing by the creators. The UI is designed in a modern, minimalist style that makes using the app as enjoyable as possible. The interface makes use of the app for service providers like a breeze. The wide set of functions in Tabus makes international transfers possible as well as provides options to create custom e-commerce stores, social networks and the wallet, all in one app. In order to make the international transfers reliable and compliant, the app allows performing KYC directly in the app. The social networking feature provides all the typical features including posting updates, images, videos etc.

The customer account provides an easy interface for buying products and services from the providers, as well as other customer specific services including social networking and order management. The app also supports affiliate links for benefiting users by referring other users. With the help of social tokens, users can take part in various activities on the social network.

The team has put a great effort into making the project an international success, with more than 36 million members from diverse fields worldwide. The app launch on Google’s PlayStore and Apple’s AppStore will boost its already growing popularity. The team of TABUS invites all its members to download and utilize the ease of services the app provides.

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