Tamadoge Will List on a Top 5 Exchange This Month, Price Pump Incoming

Tamadoge is a new Play-to-Earn (P2E) cryptocurrency platform that offers multiple arcade games in its ecosystem. It recently announced that on April 27th, 2023 it will list on one of the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in the space.

This has lead to analysts predicting a signficiant price pump for the platform’s native TAMA token. We will discuss this alongside the project’s recent developments, the upcoming mobile app, and the NFTs holders can leverage to earn rewards.

Tamadoge Looks Ready to Shoot Up After Bearish Momentum

On 27th September 2022, $TAMA was listed on the OKX exchange for just $0.03 per token. Just a week later, the cryptocurrency reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.196 – a 553% price jump.

However, as of April 14th, 2023, the price of Tamadoge has corrected to $0.0122 per token. Despite the price correction, $TAMA has been trading upwards in the past few weeks. With the announcement of the upcoming exchange listing, many may be interested in increasing their $TAMA holdings.

The price of this cryptocurrency has increased from $0.01 on April 3rd to the current price of $0.0122 – indicating a price jump of 22%. In the previous seven days itself, Tamadoge has risen by 11.6%.

After the lows experienced at the beginning of April, Tamadoge will look to reach its previous highs of 2023. If the token manages to break past the resistance line of $0.013, it will be able to shoot up and carry the momentum forward after the exchange listing.

Tamadoge has the potential to reach a high of $0.022 following the tier 1 listing news, which has not been touched since February of this year.

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Buy Pet NFTs on Tamadoge

Tamadoge is a P2E cryptocurrency platform that has already launched multiple arcade games on its virtual space, known as the Tamaverse. To stand a chance to win competitions and earn rewards, you must hold $TAMA – the native cryptocurrency.

This token experienced a successful presale in 2022, raising over $15 million. TAMA conducted its initial exchange offering (IEO) on OKX’s decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Thus, investors from all around the world can access TAMA tokens.

But what do you do with $TAMA tokens in the ecosystem? Firstly, investors can convert their tokens to credits and earn entry to the Tamadoge arcade. To participate in the P2E Arcade, members can purchase Tamadoge Pets – tokenized dog-like avatars.

On Tamadoge, investors can purchase three types of NFTs – Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare. When you are logged onto the Tamaverse, it is important to spend enough time to breed your pets so they are healthy enough to compete in the ecosystem.

Investors can purchase virtual items such as clothes, food, and toys from the online store to facilitate the process. Once your pet is healthy enough to compete, it can battle other NFTs on a monthly leaderboard.

Notably, players can perform better by purchasing Ultra Rare NFTs. These NFTs apparently offer a 70% higher chance of getting in the top three of the leaderboard. However, there are only 1,000 Ultra Rare NFTs.

Tamadoge Offers Competitive Advantages over other Meme Tokens

While Tamadoge’s name has been inspired by the popular breed of ‘Doge’ tokens such as Dogecoin, it offers real utility to players. One can leverage $TAMA to compete in the arcade mode and win more coins.

Moreover, Tamadoge has a maximum supply of just 1 billion tokens. This is far lesser than Dogecoin’s current supply of 138 billion. As seen with other low supply cryptocurrency tokens such as Bitcoin, the price can increase if the demand increases.

Since $TAMA is an integral part of participating in the Tamaverse, the popularity of the games will help escalate the price. Furthermore, 5% of all transactions spent on the Tama store will be burnt. This will further help limit the supply of the token in the long term.

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Future Plans of Tamadoge will Keep the Platform Competitive

Earlier in 2023, Tamadoge appointed Jon Bishop as the new CEO of the organization. Bishop has experience in the fintech and gaming industry and has previously worked as the Head of Mobile for Outright Games, one of the world’s biggest distributors of children’s games.

Recently, the Tamadoge YouTube channel hosted an AMA with Jon Bishop. The CEO stated that after the arcade games, the next important plan of development is the mobile app.

As of now, investors can enjoy five Arcade games on the Tamaverse – Super Doge, Tama Blast, To the Moon, Rocket Doge, and Tamadoge Run.

The Tamadoge whitepaper states that the mobile application will contribute elements of Augmented Reality (AR). Through the application, users will be able to witness their Tamadoge pet NFTs in virtual reality and can easily access the available ecosystems.

Talking about the matter, Bishop said, “From a growth and usage point of view, you just can’t beat mobile for scaling.” Bishop also added that the platform could witness a big shift upward in numbers once the mobile application goes live.

In the live AMA, Bishop also mentioned that Tamadoge is working on an interesting project aiming to convert the Tamadoge NFTs into 3D items.

“We are focusing on making Web3 gaming available to everyone”, said Bishop. The platform does this by offering free-to-play access to its Tamadoge arcade. On this platform, users need not participate with any $TAMA tokens. They can simply enjoy the available games and decide whether to purchase NFTs to earn rewards later.

In an effort to increase the use cases of the $TAMA token, Tamadoge has made strategic partnerships. Recently, Tamadoge partnered with Cryptocart – a decentralized marketplace allowing users to purchase cryptocurrency items.

On Cryptocart, users can spend $TAMA tokens to purchase different products, such as gift cards.

Enter the Tamaverse Now

Before $TAMA lists on the new cryptocurrency exchange on April 27th, 2023, investors can still purchase the token through other crypto exchanges. $TAMA is available to buy on some of the best crypto exchanges, such as LBank, BitMart, Bitget, and Deepcoin.

Through OKX, you can join over 20 million investors and purchase Tamadoge through the decentralized or centralized exchange.

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