Terra Luna and Cardano Holders Pivot to New Crypto Token, Eyeing Potential for Huge Profits


  • NuggetRush draws investors’ interest, promising 100% rewards.
  • NUGX’s quick transition in presale presents it as a high-growth project.
  • LUNA and ADA suffer price declines, raising fear among their holders.

Tera Luna Classic (LUNA) and Cardano (ADA) are two projects that have been negatively affected by the volatile nature of the crypto landscape. LUNA’s price has dropped by 4% within the past week, while ADA declined by 12% following a report of weekly gains.

Most of their holders, while on the lookout for high-profiting projects, have resorted to NuggetRush (NUGX), as it shocks the market with explosive growth.

NuggetRush integrates gold mining, cryptocurrency, and artisanal mining into a P2E game. This new DeFi project is set to dominate the space soon, as it promises a 100% reward to its investors.

By implementing a zero-tax technique and selling over 60 million tokens, its potential to fulfill this pledge is high. In this article, we’ll unveil the price declines on LUNA and ADA while exploring the features of NUGX that set it apart as a fast-growing venture.

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NuggetRush (NUGX): Revolutionizing the Market with P2E Gameplay and Impressive Staking Mechanism

NuggetRush is a new DeFi project that increases investors’ chances of making huge profits through its unique features. It has play-to-earn (P2E) gameplay where game enthusiasts embark on mining gold and minerals.

Players seeking top crypto coins with high rewards are drawn to this adventure. It is a solid combination of entertainment and rewards. Gamers who discover Rushgem NFTs can exchange them for real-world gold and have these prizes delivered straight to their specified address.

NuggetRush also provides other additional avenues where investors can record massive gains. NFT holders can get an annual percentage yield of 20% by staking their tokens.

This project will greatly benefit investors who desire to buy top crypto coins for long-term rewards. Its native currency, NUGX, serves as a governance token. It allows its users to partake in making decisions regarding the development of this platform.

Also, members of the Rush Guild are offered special access to restricted areas and higher levels of the game.

NuggetRush has raised over $500k due to increased interest from investors. The rapid transition of its presale from the first phase to the second demonstrates its potential for massive expansion. NUGX’s value at this round is $0.012.

Investors can make huge profits with minimal capital by placing this discount on the DeFi coin price.

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Terra Luna Classic (LUNA): Navigating a 4% Decline in Alignment with CoinCodex’s AI-Driven Projections

Terra Luna Classic has experienced a 4% decrease in the last week, although it grew by 30% in the previous 30 days. The unfavorable situation is depressing, as it aligns with an AI-driven prediction by CoinCodex that suggests its value could drop by 100% over the next seven years.

However, the LUNC community is working hard to improve its tokenomics.

The current chart of Terra Luna Classic does not reflect ideal conditions; all signals point to a potential decrease that may last over an extended period.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is currently declining towards a value of 50 and may go lower still. Because of this, most LUNC holders are now turning to other exciting projects, like NuggetRush.

Cardano (ADA): A Layer 1 Blockchain Sees a 12% Decline, Prompting Investor Concerns

Cardano is one of the biggest rivals of the Ethereum network. Investors can carry out transactions securely throughout the network thanks to its Layer 1 blockchain. Using smart contract capability, developers can design programmable agreements and create decentralized apps (DApps) using this layer.

ADA has just experienced a bearish trend after recording a weekly gain of 12%. Two positive catalysts are most likely to drive a recovery in this price. First is the Cardano Summit and then the partner chains. This dip has raised concern among its holders, as most have begun in search of cryptos with substantial profit margins like NUGX.


As LUNA and ADA experience a bearish trend, their holders have embraced NuggetRush, seeking high profits. NUGX has promised a 100% reward to its community, and it supports this by providing a zero-tax system, P2E gameplay, and a 20% annual staking reward. Investors can take advantage of the discount on the DeFi coin price to make millions with little capital.


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