The Biggest AI Crypto Trading Platform Is About To Shut Its Doors

While everyone is panicking over their crypto portfolio, a small group of investors is consistently beating Bitcoin by 3.5x every year. Find out why it may become impossible for you to use their tools after just two weeks.

March 25, 2022 – two years after going public for the first time, One Button is announcing that it’s becoming an invite-only investment platform.

Starting from April 14, 2022, 23:59, new users will no longer be able to sign up freely on the One Button app. The app will become invite-only, meaning that we might invite a limited number of users from the waitlist every month. We might also only provide access to new users based on their $OBT holdings,

Says Max Yampolsky, Founder and CEO at One Button

The news came as a shock in the crypto trading communities, but there is a good reason behind it. Ever since releasing its first product, the AI crypto trading platform has demonstrated average monthly ROIs of at least 4–10% per strategy.

But in order to further validate the concept, they needed a larger sample size of users, hence why the platform became public in the first place. More than 95,000 trades later, and with a max AUM of $14,000,000 at its peak, One Button has confirmed their thesis. The software brings money.

Cumulative ROI of OB trading bots (OBT) VS ROI of BTC and ETH. Source: OB Medium

Now that the project is ready to move onto a larger scale, there is no real benefit to attracting new users just for the sake of testing. The new targeted demographic will be investors that are serious about growing their crypto portfolio, fully automatically.

To reward their existing users, who undoubtedly are the cornerstone of One Button’s success, they will keep their accounts untouched. So if you have an account, you will still benefit from all of your existing tools without worrying if you fit into future requirements.

What Follows:

“There will be several more vital updates to the One Button app in the next several weeks,”

Says Stoyan, Founder and Head of Web Development at One Button.

While there is no official word on what the new features will be. Rumors suggest that it will revitalize the user experience by making the app extremely easy to use. That will remove a significant barrier for people who want to invest in cryptocurrency: the headache of managing your crypto assets on your own and worrying about making a costly mistake.

For more information about One Button, visit the main website here.

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