The Dream Of Becoming Crypto-Rich Begins With Ethereum, Avorak AI and Solana

Many individuals across the world have become rich through crypto. And while this can be challenging, analysts suggest that the dream of becoming crypto-rich could become reality with Ethereum (ETH), Avorak AI (AVRK), and Solana (SOL).

Can Avorak AI grant 100X returns?

Avorak AI has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts and investors since its initial coin offering (ICO) started in march. Analysts have set high price targets for this project because of the many competitive advantages it has.

Being in ICO, Avorak AI has a low market capitalization which allows its price to surge greatly. Avorak AI is also first-to-the-market, which enables it to get ahead of competition and gain more users as its solutions cannot be found anywhere else.

Avorak’s extensive set of AI solutions fall under one interactive AI named AVA. These solutions include chatbots, image and text creators, virtual assistants, trading bots, 3D modeling tools, and more. To exemplify the uniqueness of Avorak’s solutions, the Avorak AI trading bot can automate trades regardless of the exchange or asset class, provide indicators and price predictions, and notify traders when changes occur in the market. Additionally, the bot is programmed with a simple non-code command-line input.

The Avorak (AVRK) token serves as credit for accessing its services. AVRK is deflationary and has a maximum supply of 40 million. AVRK can be staked or traded, and it guarantees its holders a portion of Avorak’s profits.

The continued success of the Avorak’ ICO suggests belief in  the project’s growth potential. AVRK has witnessed a 325% increase in price, selling at $0.255 in the second-last phase of the ICO. With a launch price of $1 and bonuses of up to 625%, investors still have a chance to get substantial increases in investments before launch.

Avorak has strong tokenomics, a reputable team, and a solid roadmap, all factors that point to a successful ICO project. A surge of 100X is viable as cryptocurrencies have surged by more with lesser value proposition.

Why is Ethereum a good investment?

As the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Ethereum (ETH) has garnered immense trust and credibility in the crypto community and beyond. Moreover, Ethereum’s scalability upgrades, such as the move to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), hold the promise of addressing the network’s limitations, enhancing its efficiency, and unlocking new opportunities for the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Ethereum (ETH) has a proven track record of significant returns. And with the continued innovation and development efforts, it remains a compelling choice for investors.

What does the future hold for Solana?

The recent classification of Solana’s native token, SOL, as a security by the Securities and  Exchange Commission (SEC) caused a significant decline in its price. However, the Solana team firmly believes the token is a non-security and has responded to the SEC’s allegations accordingly. The Solana community has rallied around the idea of a fork of the Layer-1 blockchain to address the regulatory challenge. This proposal has garnered support from influential figures and investors within the SOL ecosystem, increasing the likelihood of a fork in the near future. Some analysts suggest that if the fork occurs, it could have positive implications for the token’s price. However, it is essential to note there has been no official confirmation from the Solana team.


While Ethereum (ETH), Avorak AI (AVRK), and Solana (SOL) all possess potential for significant returns, it is essential for investors to do their own research before making any commitments.

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