The Impressive growth of DigiToads (TOADS) is surprising Bitcoin (BTC) Early Adopters

Ordinals have taken over the Bitcoin (BTC) network. These inscriptions essentially allow the creation of NFTs on crypto’s oldest network, and with users inscribing digital assets on Satoshis, the mindset of many Bitcoin (BTC) fundamentalists has changed. These Bitcoin (BTC) early adopters have seen the light of progress, and the rampant and impressive growth of DigiToads (TOADS) has surprised many of them, leading to curiosity and, judging from on-chain data, enthusiastic participation in the up-and-coming presale. These early adopters of Bitcoin (BTC) saw the promise in digital money when nobody else did, and their interest in DigiToads signifies how revolutionary this altcoin promises to be.

DigiToads (TOADS): The Next-Generation of DeFi

Crypto has been flooded with imitations, with developers launching memecoin after memecoin, hoping one will take off. DigiToads reimagines what it means to be a DeFi protocol and what it means to be a memecoin leading to a new standard in alt coins, residual income, and GameFi.

The project’s presale funding speaks for itself, with over $ 4.55 million raised and no ceiling in sight. The Bitcoin (BTC) early adopters have been surprised and want to participate in this clever and original protocol. DigiToads will rapidly become a DeFi superstructure, given its features, and the entire economy works as a self-sufficient unit focused on providing upside to TOADS holders.

DigiToads will launch an amphibian-themed 3,500-strong collection of NFTs which will play on famous characters and will even include TOAD-Vengers, a set of 7 cool NFTs with a high-ranked rarity that will become mascots of the ecosystem. Unlike the bulk of other NFTs on the market, the DigiToads NFTs come crammed with utility. One of the salient features will be a revolutionary staking mechanic that allows holders to earn passive income from their NFT that will be funded by buy and sell taxes with 2% of every transaction funding payouts for stakers.

The DigiToads ecosystem, otherwise known as The Swamp, has been purpose-built to reward the community, and the deflationary tokenomics of TOADS shows a preference for long-term organic growth. By implementing sustainable taxes, the protocol funnels liquidity throughout The Swamp to create an economic flywheel and leverages the community to achieve this mission.

The Platinum Toads initiative, the first of its kind, will give 12 of the best on-chain traders remote control of a portion of the DigiToads Treasury. DigiToads allows these community members to keep 10% of all profits generated in return for bolstering the protocol’s treasury. DigiToads puts community first, leverages the virality element of memecoins, and synthesizes everything with sustainable tokenomics. No wonder analysts have called it the best crypto investment and forecast that TOADS could trade above $1.20 by the end of the year.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Early Adopters, Ordinals, and the Pivot

Bitcoin (BTC) is the original public blockchain network and cryptocurrency. Although a community of hardliners has formed around Bitcoin (BTC) due to its self-sovereignty and Austrian economic principles, a new faction of Bitconers has arisen.

The introduction of Ordinals proved that the Bitcoin (BTC) network could be leveraged beyond its single application as hard currency. This movement has dramatically changed the philosophy of many early adopters and opened their eyes to the potentialities of DeFi and, more specifically, other altcoins.

What is better than a hard-cap total supply? A decreasing total supply and it seems logical that DigiToads’ deflationary nature initially attracted these surprised investors.

The Incredible Upside Potential of DigiToads

TOADS is one of the altcoins to watch and could easily go to the top as its predecessor Dogecoin (DOGE) did in 2021. The difference is that DigiToads has far more latent growth potential & it goes beyond memecoin and into the realm of top altcoins due to a hard focus on fostering and benefiting the community.

The DigiToads presale is a ticket into the new age of crypto. With community on-chain trading competitions, NFT staking and residual income, and a play-to-earn gaming element DigiToads takes the best features from across the industry and rolls them into a single super project. The future belongs to TOADS; participate in the presale today and become part of the new wave.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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