The Legend of the Circulation



For the past centuries, mankind has experienced the industrial, electrical, and Internet revolution, leading to rapid growth in productivity, accompanied with growing contradiction between obsolete productive relation and advanced productivity.

Meanwhile, plague, war, famine and death made human society more unstable. The Matthew’s Law shows the next revolution of humankind is close at hand. For thousands of years, The interconnection promotes civilization, the artificial barricade destroys civilization. And credit is an inherent attribute, borrowing is a right granted by God.

There comes the Legend of the Circulation…

The Circulation platform is a decentralized, close-loop ecosystem which helps everyone has a clearer understanding of the new chaotic world and the capability to make a respectful living. The Circulation ecosystem provides four-quadrant blockchain based products, they are DeFi inclusive financial platform, Global Interconnection Protocol (HOP), Circulation Temple and the Dream Builder respectively.

Our Slogan

The interconnection promotes civilization, the artificial barricade destroys civilization.

Credit is an inherent attribute, borrowing is a right granted by God.

Our Mission

  1. To Reduce, even eliminate the information asymmetry.
  2. To Make inclusive financial service as fair as possible.
  3. To Mission Blockchain philosophy by providing practical applications.

The Ecosystem

  • Basic Application (HOP for now): A fully anonymous, encrypted, and distributed Blockchain Protocol which allows the development of a VPN entirely based on blockchain technology, provides users in countries/regions whose global networks are restricted to access the Internet without borders.
  • DeFi: A DeFi lending and Liquidation Pool to provide inclusive financial service and close loop application relates with the HOP protocol.
  • Temple: Provide a DAO platform for global Circulation participants to deliver, share, and exchange future technology, philosophy, and humanities knowledge, and provide DAO-based teaching and interaction.
  • Dream Builder: The Circulation system governed in the form of DAO has an unparalleled ability to find and invest in high-quality projects and a fair mechanism. Projects inside and outside the global Circulation system can be initiated on the Circulation platform and get funded in the form of DAO.

About the Team

Since the Circulation platform aims at becoming a DAO at last, most of our core developers and contributors are anonymous, as this is one of the core philosophies of the blockchain industry. There are top tier scientists, AI-engineers, financial specialists, etc. in the Circulation ecosystem. Some of them are world-famous hackers who won the largest hackathon around the world, some of them are politicians worldwide who have a strong belief in the blockchain vision, and some of them are billionaires and investors who agree with the shared value of the Circulation platform.




One More Thing

we will do our best to fight against the uncertain future of mankind. Thus we can survive and evolve, as it is the species nature.

For more information about Circulation, or to join our team,

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