The Potential Next Memecoin and Utility Cryptos To Provide 100x Returns

With PEPE stealing all the headlines, it’s understandable that everybody is searching for the next memecoin that could produce similar returns. Unfortunately, with hundreds of PEPE copycats and thousands more claiming to be “the next” PEPE, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that it’s unlikely to happen.

Despite the fact that PEPE might have been a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity, there are still plenty of projects that can produce exceptional returns – even if they aren’t the 500x returns that PEPE provided. Furthermore, if investors started looking beyond memecoins, they might find some utility cryptos worth buying to provide long-term returns.

With that being said, here are three of the next memecoins and utility cryptos that can provide 100x returns for investors.

AiDoge – Combining Artificial Intelligence with Memes to Create a Meme-to-Earn Ecosystem

AiDoge tops the list as the next potential memecoin with utility that could provide 100x returns through its revolutionary AI-powered meme generation platform. Described as the greatest meme-generation platform in the world, AiDoge is the first cryptocurrency project that uses AI for the specific purpose of generating memes.

By combining two of the hottest trends in the industry – Memes and artificial intelligence – AiDgoe intends to merge meme culture with AI to create a groundbreaking Ai-meme rewards platform that positions itself at the forefront of the Generative AI market, which is expected to reach $51 billion by 2028.

Overall, the platform offers an innovative meme-generation solution that leverages advanced AI technology, user-friendly prompts, and a token-based credit system to create its revolutionary meme-to-earn ecosystem. The entire idea behind the project is to use artificial intelligence to open meme creation to a wider range of users in the crypto space, regardless of their previous artistic experience.

The platform boasts a user-friendly interface where memes can be created in a matter of seconds through text-based prompts. These prompts are short descriptions written by users to inform the artificial intelligence of the kind of meme they want to see. The AI will use this description to generate a ready-to-publish meme in a matter of seconds.

The text-based prompt allows users to create outstanding memes that can stand out on the internet. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence model used has been trained on an extensive dataset of memes and crypto news – meaning it knows the exact type of meme that users want to generate.

Meme-to-Earn: The New Addition to GameFi

Once a meme has been generated, it’s sent to the Public Wall. The wall is a shared space where users can share their memes and upvote or downvote the ones they like or dislike. This helps to create the reward system for the ecosystem as the memes that are voted to the top of the Public Wall are rewarded each month in $Ai tokens, the native token behind the platform.

The voting system provides an incentive to keep the community engaged in the platform and forces all users to think outside the box when generating memes to use the artificial intelligence to its fullest potential.

Presale Surges Past $10 Million: Buy Before Higher Prices


The project is currently hosting a presale for its native token, which is performing exceptionally well. So far, the fundraising has crossed the $11.2 million milestone as investors quickly rush to the meme-to-earn ecosystem.

The presale is currently in the 16th stage, selling the $Ai token for $0.00003200. However, it’s important to mention that the presale uses a rising pricing strategy. Therefore, getting invested earlier is essential as you will leave the presale with higher unrealized returns when the token launches on top-tier exchanges for $0.0000336.

Buy AiDoge Today

Copium Club – How Hard Can You Cope?

The next memecoin with the potential to provide over 100x returns for investors is Copium Club, a community-centered token that’s more than just a memecoin investment. Instead, Copium token takes all of the core tenets of the internet, such as humor, friendship, memes, and trolling, and embodies them into the next memecoin sensation.

Copium has experienced a wealth of attention since launching directly on Uniswap DEX on May 18th. The token launched and surged more than 400% instantly as it attracted over $15 million in trading volume in its first 15 minutes of trading;


Copium token is built for all those who bought the top, was rugged on, or ended up in a honeypot, dreaming of making millions. The idea behind the entire project is to create a funny, self-deprecating community for traders who need a way to cope during market volatility.

As Copium puts it, “We’re here to prove that laughter can, indeed, make you rich, even if you bought the top.”

The unprecedented amount of volume caused exchanges to rush to COPIUM to list the token on their exchange. As a result, COPIUM has already been listed on MEXC Global, LBank, and Poloniex – three top-tier exchanges in the industry.

Introducing a New Memecoin Meta With 200 Influencers

The project is bringing a new meta to memecoins after hosting an exclusive presale for the token, where 200 crypto Twitter influencers, traders, and alpha callers were invited to purchase 1 ETH of Copium each. This helped the token launch with an explosion as all of these influencers started to spread the word about the new memecoin sensation to their millions of followers. The project has attracted investment from high-profile Twitter influencers, such as;

The interesting part is that these influencers were only granted access to sell 10% of their investment on launch. This was to help prevent presale buyers from instantly selling the token and to allow everybody to have a fair launch without influencers dumping their entire stacks. The remaining 90% of tokens are unlocked gradually over the next three weeks, preventing huge drops in the market price.

Big Burn Expected to Cause Prices to Skyrocket



The thing that’s causing a buzz for Copium, leading it to be one of the top-trending tokens on DexTools, is the fact that the project is about to commit one of the largest memecoin token burns in history.

The team recently announced that they would be burning up to 300 million COPIUM tokens this week, creating a bullish catalyst for everybody involved. Three hundred million COPIUM is worth almost 100 ETH (or more) and will make it one of the biggest token burns from a memecoin.

The best part is that the token burn will be coming from the liquidity in the pool, meaning that the price for COPIUM will surge by at least 10x following the burn – and possibly much more.

With the recent retracement in price action, you now have the perfect opportunity to get positioned into COPIUM before the price starts to surge later in the week. You can purchase COPIUM directly from Uniswap or head to one of the exchanges the token is already listed on. The easiest way is to head to the project’s website.

Buy COPIUM Today.

Ecoterra – Get Rewarded for Recycling and Saving the Environment

The final project, potentially providing over 100x returns for investors, is a groundbreaking utility project that rewards users for helping the environment through recycling. Ecoterra is a revolutionary GameFi product that has taken concepts from play-to-earn to incentivize users to take action on climate change and be rewarded for recycling in a Recycle2Earn ecosystem.

The project allows users to earn ECOTERRA tokens for making environmentally friendly actions on its Recycle2Earn application. The team wants to encourage the recycling process to fight global warming by aiming to educate the public on the need for recycling and provide them an incentive to do it. Users can earn a secondary income every time they recycle so long as they follow all of the steps outlined in the application.

Recycle-to-earn in Three Easy Steps

Ecoterra has ensured to make the recycling process as straightforward as possible, allowing it to reach a wide range of users that don’t have strong cryptocurrency backgrounds. In fact, the team states that users can get started earning rewards on the application in three easy steps; Scan, Recycle, and Earn.

The first step is to scan the barcode on a recyclable product using the application. The application will then scan the AI-powered database to find a product fit for the item and provide a quote for earnings. Users can scan any plastic, glass, or aluminum product, and the team is constantly adding top brands to the database.

After scanning, the application will then direct the user to the nearest Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) location. These RVMs allow users to deposit their recyclable items in a very easy and straightforward fashion. Users simply have to deposit their items into the machine to start the recycling process.

Once recycled, the last step to receive earnings is to upload a picture of the receipt provided by the RVM to confirm the recycling process has been completed.

That’s all there is to it. Just three simple steps to earn through recycling.

Alongside the Recycle2Earn product, Ecoterra also has a Recycled Materials Marketplace and a Carbon Offset Marketplace as part of its ecosystem – both designed to impact the fight against global warming.

The Recycled Materials Marketplace allows users to purchase recycled plastics, glass, or aluminum using Ecoterra tokens. The marketplace connects users with companies from all over the world that are selling recycled materials. Furthermore, users can search and filter for the type of materials with the most environmentally friendly impact – helping them make a difference in the world.

The Carbon Offset marketplace is a platform to let users purchase carbon offsets to reduce their carbon footprints. Carbon credits are typically difficult to attain as they’re reserved for large-scale companies or governments, who are legally required to reduce their carbon emissions generated through industrial production. The Carbon Offset marketplace now opens the carbon credit market to the general public, allowing them to purchase fully verified carbon offsets in a partnership with VERA.

Presale Continues to Fly as Eco-Friendly Investors Rush to Fundraising


Ecoterra is currently hosting a presale for its native token and has managed to raise a whopping $4.1 million in fundraising so far. The presale is currently in the seventh stage, selling the token for a price of $0.0085. However, it’s important to note that this presale also uses an increasing pricing mechanism, meaning the price increases during each subsequent presale stage. For example, in the eighth stage, the price for Ecoterra rises to $0.00925.

Therefore, it’s best to take advantage of the lower prices by investing earlier to leave the presale with higher levels of unrealized returns.

Buy Ecoterra Today

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