The Recharge, Korea DeFi service, meets KCC and explodes achievement


The Recharge is a Korea DeFi service that has been providing users with new staking pools every month since its launch. It looks similar to other DeFi services, but The Recharge has a strong competitiveness. Their service is linked to the real economy, called Piggycell, and has already built infrastructure all over Korea.

Piggycell is a power bank sharing service and it occupies approx. 80% of the Korea market share. It takes the undisputed No.1 position with a large gap from other similar services. With active sales, high convenience, and high-quality service, the number of members exceeded 1,150,000 within two years since its launch. Currently, it is installed in about 5,600 locations in major commercial districts.

However, The Recharge chose a difficult path over the easy one already guaranteed. They are strategically targeting global users first. They revitalize the community by holding new global events every month for their global users and proving the value of RCG, The Recharge token, to users.

They collaborated with KuCoin Community Chain(KCC) by adding it on their multi-chain system, and it created tremendous synergies. KCC is a decentralized public chain built by the fans of KCS and KuCoin. It is fully compatible with EVM and adopts the consensus algorithm of Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) for more efficient, secure, and robust.

Their first collaborative event was Beowulf, the 5th anniversary of KuCoin. A total of 21 projects participated, and among them, The Recharge took the first place. Through this event, The Recharge’s charm was proved not only to The Recharge users but also to KCC users.

The collaboration with KCC was also an explosive response in The Recharge community. Since then, 5 additional events have been held, resulting in synergy between the two sides. Among them, one of the events was disclosed to the French media with the help of KCC. This has been a help in expanding The Recharge ecosystem. They also held a new event for the French community with KCC.

The Recharge and KCC still have a good relationship and are looking forward to further collaboration.

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