The Right Time to Trade Stocks and Indices with High Leverage


European stocks went up across the board on Monday. The investors were very enthusiastic about the good news concerning the US-China trade war. The Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced over the weekend that US companies could shortly apply for licenses to trade with Chinese telecom major Huawei, a highly controversial company that leads the 5G tech revolution, and at the same time, is closely connected to the Chinese government.

Huawei was the most prominent Chinese company blacklisted by the Commerce Department on suspicion of national security threats.

Margin trading indices can be very profitable

Opening BUY orders on the European and Asian indices and companies proved to be the right strategy for many SimpleFX investors. SimpleFX WebTrader is a go-to app for every kind of trader, especially the ones that like to trade on mobile and react to the news with the right order.

Stock and Indices are an exciting alternative to Forex and Cryptocurrencies that are often completely unpredictable. The biggest European stock markets went up on the news. Taking a long position with high leverage could result in a nice profit. DAX30 going up 1.22% in just a few hours, could payout as much as 50% profit.


Frankfurt DAX30 opened high on Monday, source: SimpleFX WebTrader.

The end of the trade war?

The stock market was down recently because of fears of the trade war. A tariff race between the US and China would drag the global economy down. Fortunately, it seems that both Washington and Beijing have too much to lose and could continue the cooperation.

This was enough for the stock to climb to near 2.5-year highs. The US stocks followed. London’s FTSE100 and Frankfurt’s DAX30 gained over 1 percent. Siemens Healthineers and Ryanair were the most wanted companies.

London FTSE100 index slowed down in the evening, source: SimpleFX WebTrader

The positive signals from the US administration sparked optimism in the market. Goldman Sachs analysts stated that they “no longer believe tariffs will increase further.”

This coincided with good news from the American economy, where the jobs added in October turned out to be higher than expected. This made it possible to believe that the US manufacturing won’t slow down as it had been expected earlier.

The Sunday declaration boosted the Asia markets as well. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index rose 1.7 percent and hit a three-month high.

Wilbur Ross told Bloomberg TV the US might not need to impose its planned 5-15% tariffs on European and Asian cars thanks to some positive discussions. The automotive sector surged, giving another profit opportunities to the insightful SimpleFX traders.


Siemens AG stock went up offering substantial profits for margin traders, source: SimpleFX WebTrader

The best app for trading with leverage

When margin trading stock and indices, you should come up with a trading strategy and time your orders perfectly. To succeed you need a cutting-edge trading app that allows you to make all the necessary analyses on your desktop, and also place orders on your mobile.

SimpleFX WebTrader is designed to work on every screen. From the smallest iPhone 5 smartphones, through big mobile monitors, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The trading app adjusts to every device giving the best experience.

Great UX and UI are essential as every second is worth tens or even hundreds of dollars. You want to enter the market precisely at the right point.

Trading with SimpleFX WebTrader is a low risk, high reward venture. Make sure you don’t miss the next opportunity. You don’t need to install any app, log in to, open a live account in any currency you want, and have some real money ready for your next move.

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