The Team Behind Ernest In Disguise Is Releasing Two New NFTs Under The Stealth Launch

Get ready to take off this Saturday, January 29th at 10 AM EST because a new and exciting launch is happening, where fans (earthlings) can own two very unique NFTs.

The team behind Ernest in Disguise will be releasing a limited supply of NFTs. The stealth launch will have a supply of 200 beautiful and highly creative NFTs which include two “legendary” NFTs. You may be wondering what’s so legendary about these NFTs in particular? The Legendary NFTs come with a 0.5% stake in this collection and their following collections in the future.

Investors have an increased chance of minting a Legendary NFT during the stealth launch. The profits from the stealth launch also benefit the team behind the project in various areas such as community rewards, developing their launchpad, comic, purchasing and developing land in the Metaverse and overall marketing efforts to spread the story of Ernest around the world.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch these legendary NFTs because it will give fans an opportunity to experience the world of Ernest through both real-life and digital perks and benefits as our favourite alien explores the world around him and evolves from season to season,” said Anthony Aron, Creator and Founder of Ernest in Disguise.

Currently, there are only 15 Legendary NFTs in this collection featuring a spin-off of famous characters in the modern world, such as The Mask, Chucky, Freddy Kruger and Scream. Furthermore, investors interested in attending Comic-Con can have their accommodations and Comic-Con experience paid for at the Ernest end-of-year party by owning one of these Legendary NFTs. A truly unique experience that will bring the fan community together year after year.

The Comic-Con experience is one of the many benefits of owning a Legendary NFT; however, investors should hang tight because more benefits are in the works. It’s pretty likely the Legendary NFT will play an integral role in the Ernest animated comic series. The uniqueness of the Legendary NFTs are one of a kind and designed by famous Marvel and DC Comics artist Carlos Dattoli.

If fans miss their chances on the stealth launch, there will be more in the future, especially with the team constantly thinking about Ernests’ evolution during his adventures on earth. Ernest In Disguise is a quirky alien from the galaxy of Cryzal. He found love and a solid connection to Earth as he was exploring the universe. Just like Ernest’s creators, he’s very creative, intelligent, and curious. The digital alien has gained over 15,000 followers on Instagram and Discord and continues to gain a following across the globe.

To learn more about Ernest in Disguise, visit their website and join the highly active community of global followers on their official channels below:


Contact the Team:

Ernest In Disguise
[email protected]
Melbourne, Australia

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