The Uncharted NFT Utility is a Best Practice Example for the Industry: All You Need to Know About it

The latest NFT project to win the crypto community is The Uncharted, which made records for hosting the fastest NFT presale a few days back. The widespread attention to the project can be attributed to its utility-rich ecosystem, which earns passive income for investors from the traditional finance markets.

What did The Uncharted do differently to claim success amid the crypto winter? Let’s take a look.

20% Monthly Returns

The Uncharted, as the name implies, is an NFT project themed around space voyages. The engaging theme eases users into the complex TradFi market, which has long been inaccessible to small participants. The Uncharted aims to change this by exploring the blockchain use cases of NFTs. This is how it works:

All revenue collected from the sales of The Uncharted NFTs is streamed to XETA Capital Fund, an HFT (high-frequency trading) fund run by advanced algorithms. The monthly returns generated by the fund will be distributed back to NFT holders via quarterly airdrops. As the fund compounds over time, the quarterly airdrop is expected to improve with an impressive ROI.

According to The Uncharted website, the returns on the NFTs will be at around 20% for the first collection in the series. That amounts to 240% returns per year and partly explains why The Uncharted is fast selling out, disregarding the sluggish broader market trends. The HFT fund will be live for only a period of three years. When the term expires, it will be split among investors and The Uncharted LTD.

If you’re wondering whether the NFTs will be locked for the scheduled three-year period, that’s not the case. You can sell them any time you want to, via a secondary NFT marketplace like OpenSea. The Uncharted NFTs don’t have a lock-in period.

Utility Underpinned by Traders with 10+ Years Track Record

A multidisciplinary team with more than a decade of experience in trading drives The Uncharted. Their deep expertise adds to the project’s credibility.

For example, Captain Mark Johnson has over 15 years in the global financial markets. He is known for taking many start-ups to IPO listing on NASDAQ AND LSE. XO/Chief Intelligence Officer Johnny Seymour, on the other hand, has worked in the Web3, metaverse, cryptocurrency, and NFT space over the last few years. Andrew Ritchings, the founder of the boutique private consultancy firm Thomas Kelly Holdings Ltd, serves as the first officer of the project. The whole team is public, with their social media profiles linked to the official website.


Bridging TradFi and Web3

The Uncharted is one of the first NFT projects to bring reliable TradFi income to Web3 users. And that gives it a sharp edge against other NFT projects. Currently, the market is inundated with NFTs that promote quick money schemes based on cryptocurrencies or below-par artwork that have no value outside the collectible market.

The Uncharted changes this. Its real-world rooting is a relief for crypto investors after a long, harsh year. The project’s new business model allows small-scale investors to earn returns from lucrative HFT funds with traditional underpinning. As a result, The Uncharted is one of the best long-term crypto investments in 2022.

How to Invest in The Uncharted?

After a meteoric presale, The Uncharted NFTs are now open to the public. The first 4000 users to reserve their cabin on the Luxury Constellation Class Cruiser can get the NFTs for $295 in ETH. If you’re looking for new NFT projects to invest in 2022, The Uncharted makes an excellent choice. The first chapter could accrue up to 20% monthly returns, that is, 240% returns annually for three years.

It will be followed by more chapters that introduce diverse income opportunities for NFT holders.

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