The World’s First Blockchain Jewelry Brand Kim Press Conference


A few days earlier, the financial technology jewelry brand KIM keep in memory, which focuses on providing custom of loose diamonds from source mines to blockchain technology on-chain services, was unveiled in Chengdu in early autumn by bringing the Selene Moon Goddess series and the KIM blockchain technology that is most loved by global fans.

The press conference was located in The Temple House which was in the list of Top 10 hotels winning the ULI prize around the globe. Hundreds of VIPs, fashionistas from all walks of life, miners and foreign guests were invited to witness the brilliant debut of KIM jewelry.

KIM is the world’s first financial jewelry brand that integrates loose diamond mineral resource and entity jewelry stores throughout the entire process, and you can freely choose to purchase loose diamonds to custom inlays. Beautiful Chengdu is the first city flagship store opened by KIM Jewelry Store. The press conference exhibited KIM’s gorgeous diamonds in ancient buildings with centuries of tradition and scenery. During the event, LU LINLIN, KIM brand founder, EVA FOO, diamond system partner SCRY founder, several diamond miners and VIP guests jointly witnessed the release of KIM products and the signing ceremony of upstream mineral resources. In addition to the presentation of the Selene series, the first one-carat pink diamond cut and chained by Yakutia, a Russian diamond mineral resource that KIM is cooperated with, was chained on the event venue, which was sold at the event auction site at 500,000 Yuan by a mysterious gentleman.

The combination of KIM jewelry and blockchain brings new transparency and unique data recording value to the consumer market. Each consumer can write his/her memorable occasions and affection on the diamond blockchain that can always be viewed because the blockchain is a peer-to-peer emerging technology that is different from server information. In the future, KIM’s on-chain information can be viewed in any smart chip system. At the same time, KIM provides services to directly purchase loose diamond assets in the market and will further expand the multi-party cooperation with diamonds in different cities in the future.

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