Thesaurum Integrates Blockchain Gaming To Reward Its Users With Gold

The blockchain-based gold mining investment company also extended its mining area to 2.55  with a current value of $1,290,000,000.

12 March 2020 – Thesaurum has continued to grow their popularity and acceptance across the globe with their mining area extending 2.55㎢ in the last half-decade. The mining area is currently valued at $1,290,000,000, with the surveyed area reportedly having a projected estimated reserve of 32,000 kg of Gold, as mining commenced on March 1st of 2020.

Ghana remains a major attraction for gold miners worldwide, with several mining areas and relatively low mining costs, making it the number one mining location in Africa. The country has been tagged as “the most promising area in Africa,” with other areas witnessing a drop in their profitability for several reasons.

The project that has taken a somewhat unconventional approach to increase the mining efficiency in Ghana is Thesaurum, going through the Blockchain to get investors around the world to participate in gold mining with a small amount.

The company is run by CEO, Michael Dwumfuor, an experienced hand in the gold mining businesses, with 12 years of work experience at major gold mining companies like the Canadian listed company Xtra-Gold Mining Limited. The company’s innovative approach to helping investors worldwide to harness the very attractive business with a profit margin of over 30% using blockchain games is not surprising.

Thesaurum is the unique project which provides a win-win strategy for all the parties: On the one hand, it provides a secure gaming platform where every participant will be a winner, and on the other hand, the platform helps to tokenize and develop the gold mining in Ghana which in turn will develop the platform itself, making the business sustainable.

The key feature of Thesaurum is making mining investments easy and profitable through simple games. While winners get over 1000 times the dividend, the loser receives more than 10% on deposited funds.

The uniqueness of the project has attracted investors worldwide, with over 500 individual investors currently on the platform and the investment is already exceeded 0.3M so far and expected to exceed 1M in March, with over 1,000 investors on board. Several Chinese and Indian funds and individual investors are already considering participating in the project.

Thesaurum has a strong professional team with a strategic partnership with several mining and blockchain heavyweights like CryptoPR, ANS.Agency, ByteBulls, P2PB2B, ExMarkets and Dobi.

The project recently reached the soft cap during its private sale. Thesaurum’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is scheduled to start on March 24th at 9:00 UTC on the 3 exchanges simultaneously – P2PB2B, ExMarkets, and Dobi Exchange.

Now that mining exploration is ongoing, Thesaurum is considering games with future mining gold of $100,000 worth of gold as prize money. The game will be released in late April, with a $100,000 gold rock-paper-scissor game and a gift for one person.

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