This 420 Cannabis Holiday, Join the Cannabis Revolution Powered By Cryptocurrency


Holidays of all kinds dot calendars worldwide, though perhaps none is as universally loved and celebrated as 420 — international cannabis day. Taking place on April 20th, 420 is dedicated to peace, love, and cannabis.

To celebrate the upcoming 420 holiday, Cannumo is spreading good vibes with a 420 Giveaway packed with lit prizes you won’t want to miss!

At Cannumo, we’re building a bridge between the cannabis industry and blockchain so that you, no matter who you are, can take part in the economic opportunities afforded by both.

Want to know more about the Cannumo 420 Giveaway? First, let’s do a quick history lesson about 420, then we’ll unpack the Cannumo story before telling you all about the giveaway.

420 History: A cannabis holiday explained

Have you ever impatiently waited for the clock to strike 4:20 so that you could medicate with some quality cannabis? Every day, people around the globe participate in this daily ritual that culminates every April 20th, the unofficial Christmas of cannabis.

Legend has it that a group of high schoolers in the sleepy town of San Rafael, California, used to meet after school at 4:20 PM to smoke cannabis in secret. Eventually, other teenagers caught on and started smoking at 4:20, leading to the term 420 being a code word for getting high.

Because the April 20th date is expressed 4/20 numerically, it naturally became an international holiday for connoisseurs, medicinal patients, and supporters to unite in solidarity with the cannabis plant.

Cannumo gives you tools to invest, build, and join in the cannabis revolution

Nowadays, cannabis is becoming accepted by legislators, but there is a long way to go yet. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in legal states like California or countries with nationwide legality such as Canada.

The disparity between legal and illegal localities means many would-be investors, entrepreneurs, and consumers are unfairly left out of the cannabis revolution while others pocket immense profits.

To level the playing field, Cannumo is building a game-changing blockchain platform enabling anyone, anywhere to:

  • Invest in cannabis startups
  • Quickly build & launch cannabis businesses
  • Deploy low-fee inclusive payment solutions

Soon, you can invest directly in the Cannumo ecosystem via the Cannumo Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The Cannumo ICO will be available to investors in private and public rounds before listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

The way the Cannumo ICO works is simple: Private and public sale rounds are priced at $0.35 and $0.60, respectively, and are available in limited quantities to qualified investors. After contributing, you’ll receive CANU tokens, the Cannumo platform’s native cryptocurrency.

Be the first to hear when the Cannumo ICO is rolling out by heading over to and signing up for the newsletter.

Join the 420 Giveaway to win BIG prizes

4/20 is always an exciting holiday and the buzz around this year’s edition is deafening!

Aside from rolling up your favorite CBD-packed strain, another way you can level up this year’s celebration is by entering the Cannumo 420 Giveaway to win futuristic prizes like digital art, cryptocurrency tokens, and a PS5.

  1. First place will receive two unique Cannumo NFT artworks created by noted artists and minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. Second place gets an almost equally amazing combo, including a mystery Cannumo Care Package and a Playstation 5.
  3. Third place winners will find their ERC-20 compatible crypto wallet packed with 10 x 420 CANU tokens.

These are some seriously incredible prizes — don’t hesitate to throw your hat in the ring by registering for the giveaway. You’ll find everything you need to qualify under the How to Enter the Giveaway section — so get moving!

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