Three Reasons to Get Positioned in Charitable Passive Income $CHMPZ Project WIth $2.5 Million Raised and One Week Remaining

Chimpzee continues to make waves in the market after crossing the $2.5 million milestone this week.

Its unique ecosystem provides avenues to earning a passive income while simultaneously raising funds for charitable causes that help save endangered species and fight deforestation.

With the presale in its final week, latecomers are rushing to get positioned in the wholesome Web3 project as they believe it has 50x return potential.

Here are three reasons to get positioned in this charitable passive income project.

1)  Chimpzee is Showing the Web3 Can Be Used for Noteworthy Purposes

One of the primary reasons investors are flocking to Chimpzee is that it’s showing the world that Web3 can be used for noteworthy purposes beyond memes and financial speculation.

The crypto industry has often been looked down upon as full of greedy individuals who are only interested in making money.

Adding further fuel to the fire are the prevalent scams in the industry, which often hit mainstream headlines and show crypto in a bad light.

Chimpzee intends to change this dynamic by showcasing how Web3 technology can be used for a noteworthy cause.

Its main mission is to raise funds for charities that help protect endangered animals and prevent deforestation.

Furthermore, the team knows it wouldn’t attract investment without the core DeFi principles embedded in its project, such as passive income and 50x potential.

As a result, Chimpzee has created a Web3 weapon that raises significant charitable funds while providing its investors with a solid passive income.

2)  Earn a Passive Income While Contributing to Charity

Another driving force behind the growth of the presale is the fact that it allows users to earn a passive income while contributing to charity.

Essentially, Chimpzee revolutionizes how we donate to charity today through the power of Web3.

The ecosystem provides three avenues that generate a passive income for participants:

  • Shop-to-Earn
  • Trade-to-Earn
  • Play-to-Earn

The Shop-to-Earn section allows users to earn rewards for buying exclusive merchandise representing the fight against animal extinction and climate change.

Funds raised through the Chimp Store are set aside to be donated to noteworthy charities making a difference, while buyers earn $CHMPZ tokens as rewards.

The Trade-to-Earn section provides a share of the trading fees generated on the Chimpzee NFT Marketplace – making it the first marketplace to do so.

The Play-to-Earn component provides rewards for players hitting certain milestones in the Zero Tolerance Chimpzee game.

The Chimpzee NFT Passport ties these ecosystem components together, which is required to earn the most passive income on the platform.

The NFT Passports provide higher rewards in the Chimp Store, a more significant share of the trading fees generated on the NFT Marketplace, increased earnings in the play-to-earn game, and exclusive discounts for advertising on the platform.

The NFT Passports will be available to buy and mint to all presale participants once the fundraising reaches its conclusion.

3)  Incredible List of Donations Already Underway

Finally, the last reason investors are flocking to the presale is the fact that Chimpzee has already made a string of noteworthy donations – even during its presale.

The project has donated tens of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations helping prevent animal extinction and deforestation.

For example, it donated $20,000 to WILD Foundation to help the Yawanawa people protect the remaining black jaguars that roam the Brazilian Rainforest.

It also donated to Forgotten Animals to help neuter cats and dogs abandoned in war-torn countries such as Ukraine.

It doesn’t stop there.

Chimpzee has made notable contributions to help prevent deforestation by donating to Rainforest Rescue to protect 1,000 square meters of the Australian Rainforest.

A complete list of all its donations can be found on its website.

Final Opportunity to Invest: Just One Week Remaining

Overall, Chimpzee is one of the most wholesome projects in the crypto space, and the increased fundraising represents the extraordinary demand behind the token.

The presale is now in its final stage, presenting the last few days left to get positioned in this Web3 giving project.

You can purchase $CHMPZ for $0.00155 in the final stage. However, a final-stage bonus of up to 200% and a giveaway can drop the price to as little as $0.0078, providing a fantastic entry price.

The listing price of $0.00185 provides substantial unrealized returns when the token finally hits exchanges.

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