Three Unique Top Presales To Buy in 2023: RobotEra, Metropoly, Dogetti

Are you looking for new crypto projects to invest in, but you’re tired of seeing the same thing over and over again? Looking for something fresh with great growth potential? In that case, here are three crypto presales that you can get involved in right now, all doing something different to stand out from the crowd.

Combining The Metaverse and NFTs With RobotEra

The Metaverse is probably the biggest trend in crypto at the moment and RobotEra (TARO) is one of many projects capitalising on that. Much like its rivals, RobotEra revolves around a P2E game that rewards players with the native token through the completion of competitions and challenges, of course, those aren’t the only ways to earn though. Beyond being a solid game with hours of fun to be had that any gamer would enjoy even though you can earn crypto from it, there is something very unique that allows RobotEra. While other metaverse projects also have NFT releases none of them does it like Robot Era. You play as customisable avatars in the game, but they aren’t just avatars. They’re also your own personal NFT! Trade avatars on the RobotEra Marketplace and

Use Crypto to Start Your Real Estate Empire With Metropoly

Staying on the topic of NFTs, Metropoly (METRO) is yet another unique take on them, though here it is more about the application rather than the asset itself. Metropoly is a one-of-a-kind project as an NFT marketplace that allows users to invest in real-life properties using crypto alone. But where do NFTs come into this? The NFTs are the properties themselves! This project is a great example of the real-life utility that crypto has as well as an early indicator of what the market could evolve into soon. Through the blockchain, the project allows these high-value properties to be sold fractionalised for prices as cheap as $100. Removing the need for middlemen that charge excessive fees and regulations that limit growth, investors can earn rental income, in the same way, any other real estate owner would, but passively without any direct involvement.

Become Part of A Real Crypto Family with Dogetti

While it does have NFTs in the pipeline, Dogetti (DETI) doesn’t revolve around them. The meme coin has a much mission that reaches beyond NFT trading. The meme coin aims to take over the meme coin space by becoming a coin that shifts wealth in the DeFi system through the help of its community, who are given complete ownership and control over it. The meme coin doubles as a reflection token, redistributing 6% of its overall supply every time there is a Dogetti transaction. Every single time! 2% of this will be redistributed among holders with every transaction, meaning holders will be able to passively earn extra tokens for no other reason than their continuing to hold. Dogetti wants to build a strong community that cares for one another like a family and their shared mission of turning Dogetti into the biggest meme coin around.

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