Tokenbox: A Transparent, Flexible Crypto Trading and Portfolio Management Platform for New-age Investments


A safe, smart, and convenient way to efficiently trade and manage digital assets to earn profits out of it.

September 16, 2020, Cayman Islands: The interest among investors to expand their portfolio into cryptocurrencies and digital assets is currently at an all-time high, mainly due to two reasons — increased uncertainty associated with traditional financial instruments due to the ongoing pandemic, and the high return on investment potential offered by crypto assets. The Tokenbox ecosystem makes it easier for those who are willing to diversify their investments by offering them a platform where they can interact with the funds as well as traders.

On the other hand, traders and portfolio managers can use the platform to efficiently manage the investors’ funds through tokenization of investments. The Tokenbox platform ensures that the traders are always in control of the assets while having access to huge liquidity provided by the investor pool. Created as a ready box solution, all it takes is a few clicks to create portfolios and start managing it. Each portfolio created will comes with associated tokens for which the value can be set by the trader or portfolio manager along with entry and exit fees.

Any investor who wishes to buy into such portfolios will have to just purchase the respective tokens. The performance of each portfolio will reflect the value of its tokens. Similarly, at any time, if the investor wants to exit such a portfolio, they can do so by raising a request, which will be honored within 24 hours by the trader. Tokenbox has checks and balances in place so to ensure the investors’ funds are protected through a mechanism that approves buyback of the token on behalf of the portfolio manager if they fail to perform such action within the stipulated timeframe.

A Transparent and Secure Way to Diversify Your Crypto Investment

The highly transparent and secure trading and portfolio management system of Tokenbox allows investors to see the entire list of portfolios available on the platform. Each listing comes with exhaustive information regarding the portfolio, including a description of the trading strategy employed, performance indicators, statistics, etc., to help users make informed investment decisions. Investors can either deposit cryptocurrencies directly to their account or purchase the tokens with their credit cards or fiat deposits through Tokenbox services.

Meanwhile, professional traders can make use of the infrastructure provided by Tokenbox to create their own crypto fund within minutes and gain access to liquidity through a large pool of investors. They can create multiple portfolios involving a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies and utilize the tools provided by the platform for active spot trading or diversification, manage performance, entries/exits of investors in their portfolios, and more, all without the need for any additional software. Tokenbox provides more than 250 features for its portfolio managers, including an amazing trading terminal and 24/7 support. It just takes a certain amount of TBX tokens to benefit from all these features.

Users on Tokenbox are offered access to multi-currency wallets and trading accounts to store their funds, invest in chosen portfolios, or even start trading on their own.

TBX: Potential Waiting to be Unlocked

TBX is the utility token of the Tokenbox ecosystem. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, TBX is an ERC20 token that serves as a digital license for the platform’s Portfolio service. Traders and portfolio managers are required to maintain a balance of at least 1% of the value of their active portfolios to be able to accept investments and to be visible to Tokenbox users. E.g. A portfolio manager having collective assets worth USD 100,000 in their active portfolios should hold USD 1000 worth TBX in the wallet to be able to operate on Tokenbox. In order to receive additional investments, they will have to increase the TBX holding proportionally in their wallet.

Apart from being a license for portfolio management, TBX also offers discounts on trading fees which currently stands at 0.2% of the transaction volume. The discounts can range up to 50% of the fees, for those holding 10,000 or more TBX.

About Tokenbox

Tokenbox is a crypto trading and compliance infrastructure platform developed and operated by Tokenbox LLC, a Cayman Islands-based company. It is created by the founders of Token Fund, one of the most successful collective cryptocurrency investment vehicles in the industry.

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