Tonsnipe $TNS Token Presale Goes Live, Almost 5% Filled In Less Than 48 Hours (How To Join Pre-Sale)

Tonsnipe, a Ton blockchain based token and NFT analytics startup has kicked off the presale of the $TNS utility token.

The project has received massive support from private and angel investors as it raised $100,000 in a private round that lasted for just four days.

What’s so exciting about Tonsnipe?

Tonsnipe simply put is the “Dextools for the Ton Blockchain” according to Bill Black, the co-founder of Tonsnipe.

Tonsnipe when launched will enable $TNS holders get access to crucial information about each Ton native asset, displaying information like contract audit, token information, social media stats and much more.

Some advanced features of Tonsnipe like advanced token filtering options, added-value metrics, dark mode, presale and NFT pre-mint whitelisting will be limited to members who have a balance of the Tonsnipe utility token $TNS in their wallet.

$TNS (Tonsnipe Utility Token)

$TNS is the utility / governance token of the Tonsnipe platform which will give holders utilities like access to advanced metrics, staking to earn more rewards in $TNS tokens and be able to create or vote on proposals that will affect the Tonsnipe ecosystem.

$TNS Token Presale Is Live (How To Join)

The $TNS token presale is currently on-going and almost 5% of the presale allocation has been filled.

Interested investors looking to purchase $TNS tokens can do so by clicking the link below.


$TNS Presale Details

  • Presale Allocation: 150,000 $TNS (15%)
  • Presale Price: 1 Ton = 2 $TNS
  • Minimum Buy: 200 TON

Early adopters who wish to join the Tonsnipe token presale can do so by clicking the link below. There’s a detailed guide on how to purchase Toncoin to be able to join the presale.

In addition to getting $TNS tokens at a lower rate, presale participants will also be eligible to become early ambassadors of Tonsnipe and earn a free Ambassador NFT badge to show their early commitment to Tonsnipe.

About Tonsnipe

Tonsnipe is a token research & enhancement platform based on The Open Network powered by the $TNS utility token for Pre-Sale allocations and reward mechanisms driven by user engagement.

Contact: Bill Black
Join Presale:
Email: [email protected]
Tonsnipe Telegram Group:


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