Top 3 Advantages of Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots have been the hot buzz phrase recently within the crypto community. Since coin prices have been down, investors are constantly looking for ways to either maintain their capital, or even grow their portfolios in innovative ways.

To put crypto trading bots in a nutshell, they essentially serve as a portfolio management tool performing critical growth actions such as buying and selling assets on an exchange. Crypto trading bots are built with the intention of doing the heavy lifting so that investors don’t have to.

Though there are both ups and downs to new technology, below are the top 3 advantages of using crypto trading bots.

Headache cure

Manual trading can oftentimes become a headache, especially as it consumes brain power and eats up critical hours of the day that could instead be spent on other projects. Crypto trading bots aid as a remedy to headaches, easing the burden of manual trading and the nuances it entails.

Crypto trading bots were designed specifically to act on the investor’s behalf, almost as a clone of that person but without emotion and acting based on numbers. Manual trading can be a good skill to learn, but it also comes with its fair share of headaches and other frustrations along the way.

Always on, always trading

One of the beautiful aspects of automation is that it acts as leverage in a given situation. Crypto trading bots are always on, always functioning, and always trading. People need sleep, a bot does not. While people are sleeping, the bot is continuing to act, executing trades on their behalf.

Crypto trading bots allow investors to multiply their efforts by setting up either one or multiple bots to operate at once. Each bot can be set to perform actions to reach a specific result. Once the bot(s) is set up, it will begin acting toward that result and won’t stop when it is hungry or tired.

Easy to work with

Developers who create crypto trading bots speak heavily of the user experience. Questions arise among teams such as, “How can this bot be set up better?”, or “What can be done to improve the flow of this page?”. Not to mention, over the years, developers have integrated user-feedback to improve how bots and apps function, making them geared more towards ease-of-use and implementation.

Crypto trading bots are renowned for their simple set up and low-level learning curve. There is no need to be a tech expert with a PhD to get a bot set up and running. In fact, even new crypto investors who have been in the game for a matter of weeks or months can get started with trading bots.

Time to give it a try

With all that being said, crypto trading bots give investors an advantage by curing headaches, never sleeping, and not requiring higher education to get one set up. One of these bots is Stoic AI, a trading app that never sleeps and works to perform even during harsh market conditions.

Since retail and institutional investors have varied goals and risk tolerance, Stoic is equipped with more than one bot to appeal to each dynamic. Whether someone has a long-term mindset or a low-risk profile, Stoic has them covered.

Stoic is available both on Google Play and in the App Store as a free download, with a simple, step-by-step setup process. Crypto trading bots are trending and will continue to do so as the crypto ecosystem continues to evolve over the next number of years.


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