Top 5 Mints to Watch For April 2023

Web3 games and NFTs are exploding! There is no shortage of projects to discover and get lost in. To find innovative, original, and creative projects that stand out from the crowd and resonate with you – the collector – check out these up-and-coming projects

The following are the top NFT Mints to watch out for April 2023:

1.Wildcard’s Genesis Mint: The Wildpass

Minting Thursday, April 20

Wildcard – This stellar team of veteran game developers and IP creators led by visionary co-founders and power couple Paul Bettner and Katy Drake Bettner is poised to be a major player in the gaming industry and a leader in the adoption of Web3 technology.

Wildcard’s first Web3 asset, The WildPass is minting this Thursday,  April 20 exclusively on Magic Eden’s LaunchPad. The mint includes 4,444 WildPasses that grant holders access to exclusive opportunities within the Wildcard Web3 ecosystem, including lifetime WildList (Allowlist) access, holder-only events, and more great utilities.

Wildcard combines elements of a collectible card game with the strategy of a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) played in real time. Wildcard’s unique leveraging of Web3 technologies marks the beginning of a new genre of online games, where being a fan is as fundamental to the experience as being a competitor battling it out in the arena.

2. Meta Toy City: Genesis HeroZ

Meta Toy City: Genesis HeroZ is a pixel-generative art collection of 3,333 limited Genesis HeroZ built on Polygon. Holders of Genesis HeroZ are entitled to up to 60% of the total sales generated from future Meta Toy HeroZ NFT minting.

Meta Toy City is a mobile multiplayer role-playing game that offers players a Free-to-Play, Guild-fi, and Play-and-Earn experience. ToyZ is corrupted by dark magic and only HeroZ can save the city. The Genesis HeroZ is the key to entering a world where ToyZ has gone wild.

3. Fine DigitIzed Art By CompatibleCreative

Fine DigitIzed Art features 2022 unique digital art images that take us on an expedition of  artistic expression that marries abstract and tradition, from evocative portraits and still life and uncategorized scenes. The collection represents more than each piece; it is symbolic of humanity’s artistic expression and the legacy left behind.

The collection is built on the Ethereum blockchain and began minting on April 15, 2023, on OpenSea. The mint is divided into 30 categories and assigned a rarity of 1 to 6, with legendaries being the rarest. All images are presented in a frame to highlight their unique characteristics and best showcase their rarity.

4. Edge Apes

Edge Apes is a Polygon-based digital collection made up of 2,000 one-of-a-kind NFTs inspired by the edgier side of art. It is meant to showcase and represent the raw unfiltered energy that we see from great artists throughout history, such as Picasso and Dali.

The collection is built on the Polygon blockchain and is made under the CiCKartworks label. The CiCkartworks label is responsible for other art-related NFTs such as I AM NOT BANKSY and Elon Monst. The next collection will begin minting on OpenSea on April 30.

5. Cocky

Cocky is a Lifestyle Club NFT created by The Parasol Group that offers its holders exclusive access to world-class, once-in-a-lifetime, musical experiences as virtual and IRL events to create experiences that only ownership can buy; Money can’t.

The more Cocky NFTs are owned, the greater chance is to be selected. When attending Cocky events, the NFT background will be updated with the unique passport stamp for that event – sealing the owner’s attendance in history. The more stamps that are collected from attending events, the more unique the Cocky NFT becomes.

Remember that NFT investments may be considered speculative and volatile, so it’s important to assess the risk tolerance and financial situation before investing. Look into the community and demand around the digital collection to see if there is a strong and engaged community of supporters, collectors, and fans.

Consider factors like social media presence, engagement, and hype around the collection. Higher demand and community engagement may indicate the potential for future value appreciation. Follow news, updates, and trends in the crypto and NFT space to keep an eye on popular platforms, marketplaces, and collections.

After the logical, mathematical boxes are checked for facts, check in with your heart. NFTs with a strong narrative, concept, or story will most likely have higher potential for value in the long run – if only to you, the owner. After all, isn’t that what’s most important, first and foremost?


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Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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