Top 8 Presales in the Crypto Space for 2023

Presales are basically the earliest investment round for new crypto projects, which means that investors can often enjoy major long-term returns on successful platforms. Some of the best 100x investments to date have come from crypto presales.

For anyone looking to uncover the best investment opportunities of 2023, here are the top 8 crypto presales of the year:

  • Metacade (MCADE)
  • RenqFinance (RENQ)
  • EstateX (ESX)
  • Mr Bob Token (MRBOB)
  • MetaBlaze (MBLZ)
  • Artyfact (ARTY)
  • Fancythattoken (FNCY)
  • Incentive (INC)

1. Metacade (MCADE)

Metacade is one of the best crypto presales to invest in right now. The platform is aiming to become the biggest virtual arcade on the blockchain, offering an exciting range of compelling games that each have integrated earning potential. Casual and competitive gamers alike will be able to earn financial rewards, all while playing some of the hottest games on the scene.

On top of this, Metacade is introducing crucial earning mechanics to take play-to-earn to the next level. The Metacade community hub will offer Create2Earn capabilities for content creators, rewarding users with MCADE tokens for sharing GameFi crypto knowledge.

Metacade is also funding the next wave of GameFi crypto projects directly, through the unique Metagrants program. Users can vote to decide which new games to fund, with Metacade providing early-stage financial support to the winning teams, helping them build the next generation of P2E titles.

The MCADE crypto presale is one of the best tokens available now because it has the highest long-term potential. It could become one of the leading projects in the GameFi crypto space, even rivaling major titles like Axie Infinity and Decentraland over time. Without a doubt, Metacade is one of the best projects offering token presales now.

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2. Renq Finance (RENQ)

Renq Finance is a multichain protocol that aims to improve blockchain interoperability. Renq is launching a multichain decentralized exchange (DEX) that will allow traders to buy and sell digital assets across several leading networks.

As well as this, Renq Finance is releasing a variety of additional DeFi services that make it one of the best crypto presales around right now. DeFi enthusiasts can take advantage of flash loans through the Renq borrowing and lending protocol, which rewards lenders with annual yield while also enabling leverage loans.

The Renq Vault will deliver passive income for stakers across several leading blockchains. Renq Finance combines an automated market maker with various keystone DeFi products, which makes one of the best crypto presales to invest in now.

3. EstateX (ESX)

EstateX is a new blockchain project that brings access to the real estate market to interested parties worldwide. This fractal investment method allows users to purchase parts of multiple properties, with each listed property being able to be bought, sold and traded with the potential for profit.

What makes EstateX so valuable is that it’s an accessible entry point to the property ladder that is in its early crypto presale stages. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, EstateX democratises real estate investment. For this reason, investing in its ESX ICO could deliver major gains in the future.

EstateX stands out as one of the best cryptos to buy now as it combines traditional real estate investment with cutting-edge technology, it could well capture a large part of the market. It’s definitely worth looking into for anyone looking to trade tokenized real estate, making it the top new crypto to try out.

4. Mr Bob Token (MRBOB)

Enjoy endless fun with one of the best crypto presales that is currently available – Mr Bob. Players can experience a vast virtual reality metaverse world, complete with advanced technologies such as metaverse exploration and play-to-earn mechanics. As a new blockchain project, Mr Bob has the potential to grow over time which makes it one of the crypto top 10 presales at the moment.

Play-to-earn mechanics are offering a revolutionary solution to the gaming industry, enabling gamers around the world to start earning an income while they play. Mr Bob is a cutting-edge blockchain project that delivers a fun new experience for its players, which gives the MRBOB token high potential for future returns.

5. MetaBlaze (MBLZ)

MetaBlaze is another presale that is performing well at the moment. It is an interactive metaverse launching the MBLZ native token during a crypto presale, built with the aid of creative worldbuilding and rich storytelling. Set in the faraway land of Galaxia Blue, gameplay involves exploring the open world, collecting NFT assets, and earning crypto rewards.

At the center of this ecosystem is $MBLZ, a core token that must be held to access MetaBlaze’s content. Users can purchase the token during the crypto presale, and having more $MBLZ is key to obtaining the best experience possible on the platform. The token can currently be purchased during the crypto presale for $0.00015069 per unit. For this reason, MBLZ is a presale token investors might want to check out.

6. Artyfact (ARTY)

Artyfact is an ambitious project, blending together the stunning graphics and addictive gameplay of a modern open-world game with revolutionary GameFi crypto features. It is one of the first AAA game-quality projects on the blockchain due to its advanced graphics and vast range of P2E titles.

Utilising Binance Smart Chain for low transaction fees, and Unreal Engine 5’s graphical capabilities, Artyfact is a next-generation GameFi crypto platform. It allows gamers to blend their passion for playing games alongside earning in the process. The demo launch earlier this month has already got gamers around the world eager to explore Artyfact’s immersive Web3 world.

The crypto presale for Artyfact is a prime investment opportunity due to the unique capabilities of the platform. Artyfact is a great buy for long-term investment returns, which potentially makes it a good crypto to invest in now.

7. Fancythattoken (FNCY)

Fancythattoken is the native token for the I Fancy That brand, and another entrant to the one of the most promising looking crypto presales available now. The FNCY token is being launched to facilitate digital payments through a custom wallet and exchange that have been designed by the company. Buyers can use the FNCY token to purchase real estate products from a variety of industries.

As a new venture in Web3, the I Fancy That brand is releasing several services to help FNCY holders make the most of their blockchain experience. A single wallet will connect all services available on the new platform, which enables easy trading for the company’s various products.

As well as this, the platform will release a prepaid Visa card that allows FNCY holders to spend their cryptocurrency either online or in physical shops around the world. The Visa debit card will allow simple, instant conversions from crypto to fiat – a key reason why Fancythattoken is one of the best crypto presale opportunities available now.

8. Incentive (INC)

Incentive is being launched on the Polygon blockchain, which allows for fast, cheap blockchain transactions. The core aim of the project is to make incentives for both content creators and users alike.

INC is a utility and governance token that provides users with a secure method of incentivization. As a project, it has been specifically designed to revolutionize incentive programs – a key reason why it makes many of the GameFi crypto top lists.

The platform is decentralized, international, automated, and completely secure. This combination of characteristics makes it attractive to users and developers alike. With INC, all transaction fees are rolled up and paid automatically, meaning users do not need to hold the INC token in order to trade on the blockchain.

Which project has the crypto presale with the highest long-term potential?

The Metacade crypto presale is an extremely promising investment opportunity. The MCADE token launched at just $0.008, and raised an incredible $5 million in only its first 10 weeks. With the price set to rise to $0.02 by the end of its crypto presale event, Metacade is a prime 100x gem and the low prices being offered during the crypto presale make it one of the best investment opportunities of the year.

Make sure to be quick to add MCADE to the portfolio, as the token is not expected to hang around this price level for long. It is the biggest on-chain arcade, offering a comprehensive GameFi crypto experience alongside vast earning potential for its users.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.


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