Top Crypto Analysts Predict DigiToads (TOADS) Could Surpass OKB (OKB) And Filecoin (FIL) by 2025

The crypto market is replete with new opportunities that keep changing every day. The surge in innovative cryptocurrency projects in the recent past has enabled users to expand their portfolios beyond regular options. Even analysts are swearing by some of the new projects like DigiToads which have the potential to change the rules of the game with their state-of-the-art features. Despite being in its presale stage, analysts feel that the meme coin has the potential to outperform even popular altcoins like OKB and Filecoin.

Why DigiToads is the best cryptocurrency to buy?

DigiToads lets you enjoy both the functionality and versatility of a meme coin and a Web 3.0 game. The hybrid economic model also means that users get to explore new opportunities to earn passive income. You can start by staking tokens and participating in the play-to-earn game to win rewards, but you can also do so much more with DigiToads.

For instance, you can participate in trading contests where you not only get to win prizes but also a chance to remotely access the DigiToads’ treasury. Next, there are weekly and daily giveaways that you can look forward to. Lastly, all token holders are eligible for monthly rewards. For facilitating transactional purposes like the ones mentioned above and much more, DigiToads has developed a native token called TOADS. Interested buyers will be able to purchase the TOADS token via a 10-stage presale process. The token will have a supply of 585 million units, but the platform will use 69.2% of the tokens for presale and for giving out community rewards. The focus on giving away bonuses and rewards can be helpful in incentivizing users and avoiding rug pulls. Currently, in the fourth stage of the presale, the DigiToads team has so far raised over $1.35M.

Users can purchase the token with any of the popular crypto coins. You would need a digital wallet, but here too you can choose between MetaMask, Moonplay, and Trust Wallet. The cherry on the cake is that the TOADS token doesn’t have a vesting period, which means that these tokens will be available almost as soon as you purchase them. It’s due to such ease of access that DigiToads has been making it to so many analysts’ best cryptocurrency ico list.

It also has a unique staking mechanism where users can stake NFTs to earn rewards. The rewards will vary depending on the time at which the asset was staked. The staking pool is maintained by setting aside 2% of all TOADS transactions processed on the platform.

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OKB might turn bullish. Here’s why

OKB is a crypto coin developed by the exchange OKEx and OK Blockchain Foundation. If analysts’ reviews are anything to go by, it is among the best altcoins to watch out for. What sets OKEx apart is its focus on providing more trading options to users and cloud-based mining services. One can use the OKB token to pay transaction fees, gain access to the governance structure, secure voting rights, and win rewards on the network. Users can enjoy up to 40% rebate on transactions. Given the positive price action that the coin has been seeing for around a week, analysts suggest it may continue to rise in the short term.

Status quo for Filecoin? Here’s why.

The open-source Filecoin platform enables developers to deploy customized cloud-based file storage services. These services can then be accessed by third-party clients for data storage. Its native token is FIL which powers all transactional uses on the network. While users pay for storage services using the native token, miners guarantee their services by using FIL as collateral. Buoyed over a price rally, the FIL token has proved to be a dependable option over the past few days. Analysts tracking the trends feel that it is likely to maintain the status quo over the next few days.

DigiToads or OKB or Filecoin? Which is the best cryptocurrency to buy?

If you are still wondering about what cryptos to buy now, you can check out what analysts are saying about these coins to make a final decision. Among the crypto analysts who have reviewed DigiToads feel that it is the best option for those looking for long-term growth. The multiple options available for earning passive income can help DigiToads holders build a sustainable source of income.

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website Here, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.




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