Top Crypto To Own In 2023: Big Eyes, Cardano, Polygon and More


In the past year, most people in the crypto market have had their share of losses and would be looking to recoup them in 2023. Also, the year got off to a great start and is rekindling the faith crypto enthusiasts have always had in the ecosystem. As we have ridden the downtrends, we are confident that we’ll be here when the uptrends come, but what’s more important is to be well-positioned to be able to take advantage of the uptrend when it comes. Cryptocurrencies like Polygon(MATIC), Aptos(APT), Cardano(ADA), and Big Eyes Coin(BIG) are altcoins that put you in a position to make a profit. Let’s look at them:

Get Connected With Polygon

Polygon (MATIC) is a layer-2 solution or sidechain –as some people call it – to the Ethereum blockchain. The network was created to help make Ethereum and other EVM blockchains better. The network has improved scalability and can process thousands of transactions per second at a low cost. It’s emerging as the choice of network for enterprises outside of the crypto landscape that wants to transition and are looking to adopt the technology. It has the framework and infrastructure to host several users while maintaining its scalability. Polygon(MATIC) has secured some impressive partnerships and collaborations with big corporations in the past several months, and the landscape hopes to begin seeing the growth exhibit.

Open The Gateway Into The Aptos Network

Aptos(APT) is a new layer-1 blockchain launched last year and promises increased scalability, usability, security, and reliability. It’s looking to fix existing issues with the blockchain landscape while looking to push the ecosystem forward in terms of building and adoption. The network was developed by blockchain engineers from the discontinued Facebook (now Meta) blockchain project. It uses the Move programming language, which is different from what we have seen in space in the past few years. However, it allows some dynamics and some new ways to approach blockchain problems while building for the betterment of the landscape. The blockchain has generated hype from its intriguing past with Facebook’s Diem initiative, and it also launched an airdrop when the tokens were released. The token got off to a great start this year and is looking to do even more.

Cardano: The Third Generation Of Blockchain Technology

Cardano(ADA) is a third-generation that has been around for about half a decade, but the standout for the network is it has continued to improve its offerings to users over the years. The network just recently had smart contract compatibility. It also had an upgrade called the Vasil Hard Fork which is purported to improve the network’s scalability and enhance smart contract capabilities. The network recently launched a stablecoin project, which is as promising as it can be, as the network is testing the waters in DeFi. ADA price first shot up after the smart contract upgrade, even birthing comparisons with the Ethereum blockchain. The new stablecoin launch hints at some exciting DeFi activity on the chain, and as the landscape is known to be a significant wealth creator, ADA is a gainer to watch this year.

Big Eyes: The Cat With A Crypto Plan

Big Eyes is a new meme coin project, and it looks to have a promising future after launch, considering the trajectory on presale. The meme coin project has shown strength and the ability to raise market excitement, previously achieved by meme coins like Dogecoin(DOGE) and Shiba Inu(SHIB). The meme coin has raised about $30.1 million on presale and is looking to get more smart investors involved. The presale offers an opportunity to buy the token cheaply for profit after launch.

Big Eyes is helping investors win BIG prizes with the introduction of the Loot Boxes The Loot Boxes available are: a Cute Box that costs $99 where buyers can win up to $5K worth of Big Eyes Coins. Kitty Vault costs $499 and buyers can win a grand total prize of $25K worth of Big Eyes Coins. The biggest box, the Super Saiyan Box costs $999 but buyers can win a total of $100K worth of BIG.





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