Tradecurve Markets Set to Skyrocket 4,000% as Cosmos Hits Milestone and Bitcoin Cash Surges 100%!

Cosmos (ATOM) announced that there are over 100 chains that are IBC-enabled. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) grew 100% in value in the past year, and analysts are projecting that it can spike further. Tradecurve Markets (TCRV), on the other hand, opens the derivatives market to crypto users on a global scale. All of it is anonymous, and users utilize their deposited crypto as collateral.


  • Cosmos to reach $10.83 by the end of Q4
  • Bitcoin Cash can climb in value to $285.43 by the end of 2023
  • Tradecurve Markets to surge 4,000% at its launch

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Cosmos (ATOM) Celebrates over 100 Ibc-Supported Chains

Cosmos (ATOM) recently unveiled that over 100 chains are IBC-enabled. IBC’s reach goes beyond Cosmos and also includes ecosystems like Kusama, Polkadot, Corda, and Hyperledger. The team also underwent a rebranding of the IBC logo and website. They are now teasing a new era of IBC.

This translated towards increased interest and value of the Cosmos crypto. In the past week, Cosmos traded between $6.91 and $7.21. The crypto has grown by a total of 4.7% in the past two weeks. Analysts are, however, still bullish on the future of the crypto, and according to the Cosmos price prediction, it can grow to $10.83.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Has Grown 100% in the Past 365 Days.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) gained significant attention, as the cryptocurrency is up 100% during the past year. In the last seven days alone, the Bitcoin Cash crypto grew by 11.2%. Moreover, it traded between $204.29 and $242.53 during the past week.

This indicates that $250 is the next major price barrier, and Bitcoin Cash analysts are bullish on its future. Bitcoin Cash has retained a market cap of $4,550,488,175, placing it 16th on the crypto top 100 list. According to the Bitcoin Cash price prediction, it can surge to $285.43 by the end of 2023

Tradecurve Markets (TCRV) Will Let Users Trade Any Derivative Globally

Tradecurve Markets will introduce an exciting development in the crypto space as it is developed as a hybrid exchange. Through it, it will unify all traders and investors. Anyone can begin trading any derivative alongside cryptocurrencies, no matter their geographical location.

It merges both exchange types and is pioneering the way for the future of DeFi. On top of the Tradecurve Markets platform, anyone can remain fully anonymous and retain self-custody. The platform introduces new features to crypto exchanges. Users can begin accessing high leverage at 500;1. They can access copy trading and an AI trading platform.

These features can help traders optimize their experience. The Tradecurve Markets demo platform is now live and allows anyone to test out its features.


Its native token, TCRV, now trades at $0.03 during Stage 6. Soon, Stage 7 will begin, and its price will jump higher. Analysts project that the token can climb by 4,000% at launch. Based on the roadmap, the team will also introduce Proof of Reserves (PoR).

There will even be a Beta Trading app for iOS and Android, and the hype surrounding this project is massive as a result. Investors will want to jump into it early before it explodes in value.

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