Trader Bags $46M from $3K $PEPE Investment — Is $GFOX Next?

One lucky and well-positioned trader recently cashed out over $7 million dollars in $PEPE tokens, and is still sitting on $39 million $PEPE today, after risking just a miniscule $3,000 investment last April. The trade is a stark reminder that the wild memecoin dream is still alive — but only for those brave enough to get in early on the newest projects, and primarily on DEXs. Memecoins, including $PEPE and newcomer $GFOX, are recently showing signs of a bullish reversal after three months of consolidation, so now is a good time to start paying attention to this sector once again.

Let’s take a closer look at this incredible trade that yielded life-changing gains, and see why $GFOX may be the next up-and-coming memecoin to mint millionaires, making it a best crypto investment of 2024.

How a Noob $PEPE Trader Became a Multi-Millionaire, and How the Media Got It Wrong

According to a May 15 Lookonchain post on X, a trader scored mind-bending 15,718X returns on a $3000 Uniswap trade for 4.9T $PEPE tokens (current value approx. $56M). The trader recently cashed out part of his holdings, but is still sitting on the majority of his fortune (3.5T $PEPE), signaling that he still anticipates the memecoin to increase significantly in value. Based on chart analysis and market sentiment in the memecoin sector, $PEPE still has the potential to easily 10X from here, bringing the total value of the trade closer to $1 billion.

What media reports got wrong, however (including an erroneous story on one of the leading crypto news websites Cointelegraph) is that the initial $PEPE purchase was made in April 2023 on Uniswap, before $PEPE was listed on any major exchanges — not last month, as Cointelegraph incorrectly reported.

The difference is highly significant, as $3000 in $PEPE tokens purchased on April 15, 2024 would only be worth about $5,430 today – yielding slightly less than 2X.

Secret to Big Gains – Buying Low-Caps Early on DEXs

The moral of this success story, especially when it comes to trading crypto memecoins, is that the road to life-changing gains starts on DEXs like Uniswap, long before the rush from mainstream investors and listings on major centralized exchanges. In the case of $PEPE, that window of opportunity only existed for about one month, from April-May of 2023. So, when you see a great chance come along, it’s best to move quickly. $PEPE still has plenty of gas left in the tank, and could still see significant profit returns, but the time for 15,000X is long-past.

Thus, smart investors are always on the look-out for the next $PEPE story – and many believe that a recently-launched meme/GameFi utility coin called $GFOX could yield similar returns.

So, what are the reasons $GFOX could be the next big thing? First, the project just recently launched on Uniswap and isn’t available yet on centralized exchanges like Binance or OKX – though it’s likely, given the project’s high visibility, that a listing on major exchanges is likely within the next year. This puts it in prime territory as a new low-cap coin with access to high levels of liquidity.

Quality Meme Projects with Proven Tokenomics & Lasting Utility

The second big factor making $GFOX an alluring investment is its solid tokenomics and utility functions, which include GameFi, NFTs and staking mechanisms. Early followers of $PEPE will recall that the project began on very shaky ground, when some of the founders made off with 16 trillion $PEPE tokens in a massive rug pull that nearly killed the coin. Since then, the $PEPE community has done much to regain investor trust and confidence, but a solid team is essential to the long-term viability of any crypto project.

$GFOX raised over $6 million in its ICO and has received high marks for transparency of its development team, as well as its innovative tokenomics model that basically prevents early investor dumping and crashing the price, making it a best crypto investment of 2024. Utility is another important metric, as memes without real world utility are often a flash in the pan that drop off the map in a classic “pump & dump” fashion.

Galaxy Fox is rooted in a P2E runner game that rewards players with $GFOX tokens, incentivizes staking and encourages NFT ownership through its Web3 game characters. By combining meme culture with GameFi and NFT utility, $GFOX has created its own niche in the ecosystem that makes it a stand-out project in a world of cheap knock-offs.


Investors seeking the kind of 15,000X returns seen in this headline-grabbing $PEPE trade need to be looking at the newest projects on the market and getting in on the ground floor – especially quality memecoins currently listed on Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap, before the retail masses have a chance to rush in and push up the price. $GFOX is a rare gem, ideally situated in the very early stages of its release, allowing a very modest investment of a few thousand dollars to potentially become a life-changing sum. With unique utility functions and a solid development team behind it, this is possibly one of the best crypto investments of 2024. And now is the time to get in. Check out $GFOX on Uniswap, or click on the links below for more information.


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